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          Safety Management System

          The Safety Management System (SMS) is a managerial structure located at the vertices of the company organisation.

          The aeronautics sector has developed and applied various methodologies for development of the SMS, based on a set of procedures, organisational structures and systems.

          The ENAC (Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile [Italian Civil Aviation Authority]) defines the Safety Management System as:

          "A system designed to ensure that airport operations are carried out as per the pre-established safety conditions, at the same time evaluating the effectiveness of the system itself so as to intervene to correct any deviations".

          These deviations may be generated by a series of factors, including the constant flux of airport operations.

          In 2008 the Airport operator put in place an implementation and certification process for its Safety Management System based on the requirements established by the regulatory aeronautical bodies (ENAC - EASA - ICAO).

          The organisation of committees designed to analyse, share and define the policies for the maintenance of safety conditions come within the SMS management processes.

          The main committees are the:

          Safety Review Board

          Safety Committee

          Local Runway Safety Team

          Emergency Committee

          Handling Committee

          Within the processes included in the Safety Management System activities, the Safety Policy is defined, in agreement with the Accountable Manager, which establishes:

          • The maintenance and improvement of airport safety as the major priority in the development of all other activities.
          • The creation and development, and the improvement, of appropriate strategies, management systems and processes which ensure that all airport activities reach the highest operational safety levels and fully satisfy the prescribed national, European and international requirements. 



          The key elements of the Safety Management [System] are:

          Reporting activities based on the collection and analysis of data from aeronautical event reports which could generate, or have generated, undesirable events.

          Risk Management, with the aim of measuring risk and developing strategies to govern it.

          Safety Promotion promotes the culture of safety within the airport system.

          Safety Assurance is a tool with which to monitor and verify mitigation actions introduced to reduce the risks identified during the study and analysis activities.


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