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          Traffic to and within the Airport

          "For You and for Your safety"

          Changes have been made to the system of road access to Verona airport, aimed at improving and more effectively organising vehicle flow, for the benefit of travellers and those accompanying them. 

          The entrance and exit lanes have been increased from two to three per direction: there are now two with a for car access and a third permitting access for vehicles of over 1.90 m in height, reserved for emergency vehicles, buses, vans, taxis, trucks and lorries, government vehicles and NCC.

          Access is now regulated through a system of columns with bars fitted to enter online booking codes. 

          The new access system has also been presented to Consumers’ Associations, which have been working hand in hand with the airport in order to guarantee an increasingly effective, safe service for travellers. 

          The aim of the new system, in line with the one in operation in many Italian and international airports, is to discourage drivers from leaving their cars in no-parking areas and to avoid travellers being dropped off or picked up in vehicle transit areas. A further objective is to rid the airport area of the presence of shuttle services or taxis operating without a licence. 

          The system seeks to encourage and facilitate access to the parking areas, where the first ten minutes are free and parking costs € 3 for the first hour (Low Cost parking excluded).

          Airport parking also costs € 3 for the first hour in the Short Term Parks located opposite the departures and arrivals terminal, in order to make it safer and easier for drivers to drop off or pick up family, friends or guests at the airport. 


          1. be inserted into the columns for access to the individual car parks 
          2. after the first 10 minutes, be stamped and used to pay for parking at the payment desks located at the entrance to the Departures Terminal and inside the Arrivals Terminal, before vehicles are collected from the car park.
          3. be kept until the exit and used in order to leave the car park and the airport area. 

          The new charge system  thus ensures free parking for the first five minutes, after which, if drivers do not then enter the individual car parks, park and/or stop on the lanes, the following penalties are applied:

          • from 10 to 20minutes, € 5 
          • over 20 minutes, € 15.

          For vehicles entering the individual car parks after the free 10 -minute period, the charges above are added to those applied by the car park in question for the time used. 

          Access to the car parks and parking areas has remained unchanged.

          Drivers without particular deals or arrangements with the company managing the parking areas should keep their entry ticket until they go through the last exit barrier.

          Any vehicle that, during a day (00:00 AM to 12:00 PM) enters four times, will be charged a €15,00 supplement (except for authorized vehicles and permit holders), over the standard parking rate, starting from the fourth and for each subsequent access.

          For further information, visit the website, or call 045 8095656  E-mail: