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          For questions or doubts there is our FAQ section.

          • CHECK-IN

            • Where is the Departure Area?

              Aeroporto di Verona has 2 Terminals: the Arrival Terminal and the Departure Terminal – consult the map of the airport.  To find the check-in desk for your flight, consult the monitor on your arrival at the airport. The boarding gates, instead, are located beyond the security checkpoints; follow the indications once you are cleared through the Security Check.

            • How long before takeoff should I check-in?

              Arrive at the airport 2.5 hours before your flight ( if your flight is long-haul, check in 3.5 hours before takeoff time). It may happen that at certain times of the same day, waiting times at security checkpoints may vary and be longer due to the concurrence of several flights. It is therefore recommended that you always arrive at the airport adequately  in advance to avoid missing your flight.

            • Can I do an online check-in even if I have luggage?

              Yes, but only if your airline offers this service. Always consult online the website of the airline you are travelling with.

            • Why can’t I do the online check-in with … (name of airline) in your airport?

              This depends only on your airline. For online checking in, always consult online the website of the airline you are travelling with.

            • Where are the security checkpoints located?

              They are on the ground floor of the Departure Terminal

            • Where are the check-in desks?

              The check-in area is located on the ground floor of the Departure Terminal. Consult the map of the airport.

            • Required documents for unaccompanied minors.

              Request the unaccompanied minor service directly with the airline when you book the flight. The service will only be activated once consent has been received from the adults accompanying the minor to and from the airports.

            • How and when should I check-in online?

              Online check-in is only possible through the airline website.

            • Which travel documents should I bring?

              Every passenger should always carry a valid and in-date travel document (passport or ID card). The requirement of either a passport or ID card varies according to the destination; we recommend you contact the airline for further information before you come to the airport.

          • LUGGAGE

            • Where is the luggage deposit?

              There is no luggage deposit at the airport.

            • Lost & found or objects left on planes / or at security checkpoints / or at boarding gates

              • Objects left on board of planes:

              LOST & FOUND GH Verona Handling Ph. 


              For contacts and opening hours, visit the useful phone numbers page/baggage

              • Objects lost in the airport: Ph. 045 8095335 Email:

            • Baggage wrapping service?

              Baggage wrapping is available in the Departure Terminal – ground floor.

            • What can be carried in the cabin baggage?

              The articles that can be carried onboard are listed on the Enac page and in the page of the airport website relating to luggage. Visit also the website of the airline you are travelling with, in the area dedicated to luggage.

            • Can i carry liquid baby food in my hand baggage?

              Liquid baby foods are allowed in hand baggage and you can carry as much as you like within reason.

            • Hand baggage allowance and size

              Your hand baggage allowance and size varies according to the airline and the travel class. We recommend you contact the airline for further information.

          • SERVICES

            • Airport services

              You will find all of our services indicated on the map  of the Terminal.

            • Is there the currency exchange desk?

              There's no currency exchange desk at the airport.

            • Where are the Customs, “Tax Free”, “Tax Refund” offices?

              The Tax Free/Tax Refund office is located on the ground floor of the Departure Terminal, before the security checkpoints . The Customs Offices are located on the ground floor of the Departure Terminal: one in the check-in area and one after the Security Checkpoints, before the passport check desks.

            • Where is the Vip Lounge?

              Currently the Vip Lounge is not accessible due to the terminal expansion works.

            • Assistance to passengers with restricted mobility

              You will find all the necessary information. Please be advised that passengers with restricted mobility who have a restricted mobility sign on their vehicle can park for free in the parking areas of Aeroporto di Verona. To benefit from free parking, the passenger with restricted mobility must show at the manned parking booth of the Arrival Terminal (open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.) his/her currently valid restricted mobility sign, valid ID and, if parking for more than 6 hours, a valid travel ticket. Should the passenger arrive during the closing hours of the manned parking booth, he/she may contact the 24/7 parking assistance number indicated on all parking columns at all parking area entry and exit barriers.

            • Wi-Fi

              To connect to Verona Airport free Wi-Fi select "Verona Airport Free WiFi " from the available networks or go to and follow the instructions

            • Post Office and/or Mail Boxes

              There is no post office in the airport. The mailbox is located under the external marquee of the Departure Terminal.

            • ATM

              There are 5 ATMs in the Terminal distributed in the various passenger access areas: 1 in departures area ( boarding area) 3 in arrivals area (1 in customs/baggage claim area and 2 in non-customs area)and 1 in the building dedicated to car rental offices

            • Charging points for smartphones, tablets, PCs

              The charging points (smartphone, tablet, PC) are available at various points throughout the airport and are always for free, without time limits. Each point is indicated by the specific symbol on the map.

            • Is there a pharmacy at the airport? Is there a first aid point?

              There is not a pharmacy at Verona airport.The first aid point of the airport instead is located outside the Departure Terminal and is indicated on the map.

            • Request for communicating with lost persons or family members

              Lost persons or announcements: due to personal privacy reasons, announcements can be made only with the authorization of the Police. In an emergency, therefore, please contact the Police office and they will assess whether the announcement should be made or not.

            • Purchase  SIM cards at the airport

              SIM Cards are not available at Verona Airport.

            • Where is the Chapel?

              Currently the Chapel, at the first floor of departure area, is not accessible due to the terminal expansion works.

            • Are the airline offices at the airport open to the public?

              The airline offices are not open to the public.

            • Can I recharge my electric car?

              There are two recharging points for electric cars located in the short stay car park.

            • How do I request PRM assistance?

              PRM assistance should be booked with the airline at least 48 hours before the flight. To request assistance once at the airport, use the SOS boxes located at various points throughout the terminal and car park.

            • Is it possible to make or change a booking with the ticket office via phone?

              The ticket office does not handle bookings via telephone.

          • FLIGHTS

            • Timetable and rates of flights departing from Verona

              Timetables and rates depend on the airlines; consult them directly on the airlines’ official websites.

            • Complaints for delayed or cancelled flights where the airline provides no assistance in terms of rescheduling or of accommodation for the night – Request for contacting the various airlines due to cancelled/delayed flights

              The travel contract is between the airline and the passenger. Please contact the airline for any requests. We recommend you read the ‘Diritti del Passeggero’ (Passengers’ Rights) – Enac.

            • Passengers arriving late and losing their next flight, asking for rescheduled flights on same day

              The travel contract is between the airline and the passenger or the travel agency issuing the ticket to the passenger. Any queries regarding this matter must be made to the airline or travel agency via their websites or call centers. Please contact your airline for any complaints or claims for refund.

            • Delayed arrival and departure of flights

              For all information regarding flights, please consult the monitors located in the airport or the following pages:
              Departures and Arrivals;
              Seasonal timetables.
                You should always arrive at the airport at the time indicated, regardless of any delay, because the pre-flight operations are set at specific times. Flight acceptance operations end at a specific time too.

            • How do i contact the airline?

              The airline contact details are available on each airline website, or, for the airlines present at Verona Airport, via the following link.

            • Flight times

              Flight times are available via the following links:

              Todays Flights;

              Seasonal Schedule.

          • TRANSPORT

            • Where are the Car Rental desks?

              The car rental desks are located in the small building on the Arrival Terminal side. Consult the map. For opening hours and bookings.

            • Parking: rates, locations and other info

              For rates, visit "Rates"e "Parking promotions" (for ONLINE purchase promotions). For the map, consult.

            • Parking: Payment unsuccessful / barrier closed

              Requests for assistance for problems concerning unsuccessful payment operations or technical problems can be made by intercom or by phoning the 24/7 parking assistance number indicated on all parking columns at all parking area entry and exit barriers.

            • Where are the taxis? – where are the public transport buses?

              Taxis are found in the road in front of the Arrival Terminal. In the same position, but a bit further up, are the bus stops for buses to/from the Verona railway station and, in the summer period, to/from Lake Garda. You can purchase the tickets at the automatic ticket machine inside the Arrival Terminal; consult the map. During the main Fair events, a shuttle bus service is available between the airport and Veronafiere.

            • First and last buses to/from the airport.

              The airport/city shuttle buses operate every 20 minutes from 05:35 until 23:10.

            • Are there transport links with other cities?

              The airport shuttle bus leaves for Verona train station every 20 minutes. From the stations there are several links via rail and bus to other cities. During the summer season there is also a bus from the airport to various resorts along the coast of Lake Garda.