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          Club ForYou Card

          The Club ForYou card for exclusive deals and services at the Airport

          Club ForYou: exclusive, unique advantages just for you!

          Many benefits: discount prices for services at the airport reserved on the basis of special arrangements with partners operating throughout Italy, including the cities of Verona and Brescia and their two provinces. For the benefits, show your ForYou Card to these partners.

          Exclusive benefits, travelling with you.

          Leaving directly from your own town or city is more than just convenient. There are benefits and advantages too, accompanying you on your journey and from one check-in to the next!Club ForYou provides business and free time discounts and services, tailored to meet your personal needs. Exclusive bargains available to you, thanks to your Card.

          ForYou Card

          The ForYou card allows you to benefit from all the Club’s special conditions. Just show your card to the Club partners for discounts. Provide the card specifications when requesting services via the “Numero Verde” (i.e. freephone number, 800-281182).


          ForYou Card provides many benefits and free services, both at the airport and in dealings with our partners operating throughout Italy (and especially in the cities of Verona and Brescia).

          At the airport and downtown

          When leaving from the Lake Garda airports, remember that Club ForYou provides many useful services!

          • VIP lounge: reserved entry with a 20% discount if you have joined Club ForYou independently (specific discount applied if you are a member of a partner association)
          • Business way/fast track” services: reserved services on offer free of charge, facilitating control and check-in procedures.
          • Lower airport car parking charges:  20% discount if you have joined Club ForYou independently (specific discount applied if you are a member of a partner association)

          Newspapers or magazines (national or local): at your fingertips, information and knowledge at bargain prices with a 10% discount for the main national and local dailies and an average discount of more than 50% for many periodicals.

          For work, day-to-day life or special nights out at high-class venues, top fashion and key collection wear with 10-20% discounts.

          FREE TIME

          • The best restaurants in town? Top exclusive shopping? Excellent Brek snacks? Free time and leisure with 5-20% discounts.
          • You may also wish to check out the many travel offers from Bravo Net, Pictures Travel, Next World Travel and Grimaldi Lines, with their unique discounts and special offers for sea sports and marine recreation.


          • Car body repairs or tyres? Check out the two firms, Carrozzerie Acoat Selected and Pneumatici GOMME&Service. Full assistance plus unique benefits (discount prices on labour costs and reserved services free of charge).
          • CarSpecial conditions and bargains for travellers offered by Hertz. Tariff discount for cars (for work and free time use). Customers receive legal aid from Assinfort Europe, working for you worldwide.

          MY WELLNESS

          • Health and wellness? Club ForYou provides 10-15% discounts on health and wellness services throughout Italy
          • Alternative techniques and holistic approaches to body self-care; a vast rage of treatments available with average discounts of 10%!


          Looking for data concerning a company or concern?
          Need legal information?
          Weather forecasts and information on traffic conditions?
          Sports centres?
          Call Club ForYou’s freephone line (Numero Verde) for our free InfoService.

          Just call our freephone or “numero verde” number − 800-281182 − free of charge 

          Apply for your ForYou Card now!