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          PRM: Reduced Mobility

          Assistance and services for disabled and reduced mobility passengers, Verona Airport

          As the airport operator, the Valerio Catullo Airport of Verona, employing qualified and properly trained personnel, is committed to ensuring the provisions of EC Regulation no. 1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air. This legislation is based on the principle that, in the case of air transport, disabled persons and people with reduced mobility have the same rights as all other citizens. How to request assistance: at the time of booking or upon purchasing their tickets, passengers with special needs must always inform their travel agent or airline of their mobility issues. The airline, travel agent or tour operator (in the case of charter flights) must nevertheless receive notification of the need for assistance at least forty-eight hours prior to the flight's published departure time, in order to allow the information to be transmitted in time to the departure, arrival and transit airport operators, as well as the airline itself.

          The following requirements must also be respected:

          a) the person must arrive at a designated point within the airport's perimeter:

          •  at the appointed time, communicated in advance and in writing (including by electronic means) by the airline, its agent or the tour operator;
          • if no time has been appointed, the person must arrive at least two hours prior to the published departure time.

          b) the person must present him/herself at the check-in counter:

          •  at the appointed time, communicated in advance and in writing (including by electronic means) by the airline, its agent or the tour operator;
          •  if no time has been appointed, the person must arrive at least one hour prior to the published departure time.

          If the passenger should request the use of a recognized assistance dog, this shall be accommodated provided that the airline, its agent or the tour operator is notified in accordance with the national regulations applicable to the transport of assistance dogs on aircraft, where such regulations exist.

          Services available to passengers with special needs at the Valerio Catullo airport

          Parking: The parking spaces reserved for passengers with reduced mobility are located in the following parking lots:

          • The short-term parking lot in front of the departures terminal
          • The short-term parking lot in front of the arrivals terminal
          • Covered parking lot P4 bis

          To view the parking map click here.

          Bookings of the parking are not allowed.


          Disabled people with severe walking impairments holding a valid disabled parking permit (Blue Badge) may use the car park free of charge by showing to the to the Cashier Booth (inside Arrivals Terminal, open daily 8-23):

          •  Parking entry ticket
          • Valid European DPR 151/2012 disabled parking permit (Blue Badge);
          • Personal ID of the valid European DPR 151/2012 disabled parking permit holder;
          • For parking over 6 hours, copy of the flight booking or paper boarding pass of both outward and return flights showing the name of the European DPR 151/2012 permit holder.

          During Cashier Booth closing hours, permit holders shall contact the parking supervisors at mobile +39 334 6838673.

          Telephone number for parking supervisors can be found on the columns for parking access/exit, on the self-service payment machines and on the Cashier's booth.

          Intercom columns: intercom columns for requesting assistance can be found in all the parking lots with accessibility features and at all the entrances to the airport in both the arrivals and departures areas.

          Sala amica: a room dedicated to accommodating disable passengers or reduced mobility, called the "Sala Amica", can be found in the departures terminal.

          Accessibility to the upper and lower levels: the underground and first floor levels can be accessed via the elevator on the check-in side of the terminal, behind the escalators, which is even equipped with commands for the blind. The restaurant on the upper level can also be accessed via an elevator.

          Restrooms for the disabled: restrooms for the disabled can be found on the underground level and on the first floor of the terminal building before going through the security checkpoints, as well as in the gate areas.

          Services for departing passengers: when an airline or travel agency notifies the airport of a passenger requiring assistance, the passenger will be accompanied to the check-in counter by airport personnel. In the event that the airline or travel agency has not notified the airport of a passenger requiring assistance, the passenger can request assistance upon arriving at the airport using the dedicated intercom columns, which can be found in the car parks and at all the entrances to the terminal. The passenger will then be accompanied by designated personnel throughout the check-in, security, passport control and boarding procedures. The passenger will be assisted in boarding the aircraft via special means.

          Services for arriving passengers: designated airport staff will meet the passenger at the gate, accompany them through passport control, to the baggage claim area, through customs control, and finally to the means of transport for reaching their final destination.

          In transit: the passenger will be assisted by designated personnel through every stage involved in changing aircraft.

          Public phones: while the airport's public telephones are not equipped with accessibility features, there is a telephone in the "Sala Amica", where a staff member can provide any assistance that may be required.

          Shuttle buses properly equipped to transport disabled passengers to the Railway Station: the availability and timetables of the shuttle buses can be consulted on the Azienda Trasporti Verona website, All buses running to/from the airport are equipped with platforms for the disabled. 


          In the event that a wheelchair, mobility aid or assistive device is lost or damaged during handling at the airport or during transport on board the aircraft, the passenger to whom it belongs shall be compensated in accordance with the international, EU and national laws.



          passenger who can move about slowly on his/her own, but needs a wheelchair to cover long distances inside the airport.
          passenger who is able to independently perform certain movements, such as getting from the door of the aircraft to their assigned seat.
          passenger who is entirely unable to get about on their own and requires complete assistance throughout the trip.
          passenger with a visual impairment (blind or with poor eyesight). 
          deaf passenger.
          passenger with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

          In order to give the best assistance to PRM,  the aim of Verona Airport  is to ensure the standards described in  the  Service Charter.

          Service Charter 2023 - Guide for Passengers with Reduced Mobility

          What to do in the case of denied or inadequate assistance

          In case of failure or inadequate assistance, any complaints must be presented:

          • to the airport management company for  inadequate ground handling

          • to the airline for problems related to the booking / purchase and for the lack of assistance on board

          In the event that the response received is not considered congruent with the regulation, the PRM may submit a complaint to ENAC.
          The ENAC form for submitting an online complaint can be found on the website

          Fill out the onlineVerona Airport complaint form: Click here

          Or contact us at:

          To see how to reach the Airport click here 

          To see the information about PRM on ENAC website click here