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          Families and minors

          The Verona airport is equipped to accommodate families with children. Restrooms furnished with changing tables can be found inside the airport..

          Travelling minors

          From 0 to 2 years of age - infants
          As a rule, infants are not assigned their own seat on board the aircraft, and must travel in an adult's lap. Two infants can travel with two adults, but they must be seated in separate rows as, in the event of an emergency, each row only has one extra oxygen mask. Alternatively, by paying a higher fare, one of the two infants can be assigned its own seat.

          From 2 years to 12 years of age - children
          Children are entitled to their own seats, at a discounted rate, with a baggage allowance equal to that of an adult passenger.

          Unaccompanied minors

          A child between 4 and 12 years of age travelling alone must be declared at the time of booking. A specific assistance procedure will automatically be activated, whereby the minor will be accompanied by airport staff up to the gate, and by Airline personnel on board the aircraft. Unaccompanied minors board the aircraft before the other passengers. The parent/guardian must remain at the airport until the aircraft has taken off.

          • Children between 12 and 14 years of age (youths - ages may vary for certain companies) this service must explicitly requested at the time of booking in order to qualify.
          • Even children between 4 months and 4 years of age can travel alone, but in this case it is necessary to request and pay for an extra flight attendant, who will care exclusively for the child throughout the flight..
            Unaccompanied minors must travel with a birth certificate with a photo issued by the General Registrar Office, which must be validated by the Police for expatriation.

          For the necessary documents for the travel of minors and in particular unaccompanied minors visit the Polizia di Stato website