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          Ground handling services for private flights

          The ground handling services for private flights available at Venice Airport

          Venice Marco Polo Airport provides a range of ground handling services for private flights.

          The following is a summary with the list of the handlers that provide the services. Check the handlers' websites for further details and to book the services.

          Handling services and handlers


          Services provided by  SAVE - Venice General Aviation:

          • booking parking area or hangar for maintenance


          Services provided by  SAVE - Venice General Aviation - GH Venezia - Aviapartner - Ata-Italia - Airconsult - Universal Aviation - Fois Jonker Group - Sky Services - Delta Aerotaxi:

          • Ground administration and supervision: representation with local authorities - telecommunications control - handling and administration of loading units.


          Services provided by  SAVE - Venice General Aviation - GH Venezia - Aviapartner - Ata-Italia - Sky Services:

          • Passengers: ticket and travel document checking - baggage registration and transport
          • Baggage: preparation, sorting, loading and transport
          • Runway operations: guidance on arrival and departure - parking assistance - loading and unloading - supplies and necessary equipment
          • Cleaning and ground services: external and internal cleaning of aircraft - cabin air conditioning - snow and ice removal - defrost
          • Flight operations and crew management: flight preparation - in-flight assistance and changes of route - crew management
          • Ground transport: passenger, crew, baggage, freight and mail transport between different airport terminals - excluding transport between aircraft and other points in the same airport
          • Catering: administration - storage of food, drink and accessories - preparation and delivery of provisions


          Services provided by Levorato & MarcevaggiSKY Tanking:

          • Fuel and oil: refuelling - fuel recovery and quality/quantity control - oil refilling.