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                                                                                                                                                                      Press Release 

          Appointment of the new Board of Directors with nine members
          Paolo Arena confirmed as Chairman. Paolo Simioni appointed as Chief Executive Officer  

          Verona, 10 October 2014 – The Catullo Spa shareholders’ meeting, the management company of Verona and Brescia airports, met today to appoint the new Board of Directors with a three-year term of office. Paolo Arena was confirmed as Chairman.

          The new composition of shareholders was represented at the meeting, following the resolution passed on 30 July to increase the share capital, with Aerogest Srl as the largest shareholder with a 47% holding and Save Spa the second shareholder with 35%.  
          Following this increase in capital, Catullo’s share capital is € 52.3 million. Aerogest is the newco to whom the shares of the founding shareholders (Chamber of Commerce of Verona, Province of Verona and Municipality of Verona) and the Province of Trento shareholder have been granted. Save is the management company of Venice and Treviso airports.
          In 2013 Catullo recorded revenues of over € 37 million and losses of € 3.2 million. On a consolidated level almost € 42 million of revenue were recorded and an EBITDA of over € 3 million with 2.7 million passengers transported and 44 thousand tonnes of goods handled. From January to September this year the passenger traffic in Verona grew by 2.4% and cargo handling at Montichiari by 7.8%.
          In addition to Paolo Arena, the Chairman, the Board of Directors will include Franco Sebastiani, as Deputy Chairman, Rita Carisano, Pieralfonso Fratta Pasini and Giovanni Lorenzetti – nominated by Aerogest Srl; Paolo Simioni, as Chief Executive Officer, Alessandra Bonetti, Fabio Gava and Matteo Testa – nominated by Save Spa. 
          Paolo Arena received his first appointment as Chairman of Catullo Spa on 27 June 2011. He comes from the insurance world, an industry in which he had been working since 1990. Since 2009 he has been the Chairman of Confcommercio Verona and a member of the Chamber Committee of Verona. Since 2010 he has been an effective member of the Confcommercio National Council. From 2009 to 2011 he was Deputy Chairman of the Verona Arena Foundation.
          The members of the Board of Directors nominated by Aerogest are: Rita Carisano is the Manager of Confindustria Verona. Pieralfonso Fratta Pasini has been a member of the Catullo Board of Directors since 2011 and has previously covered institutional roles on a local level and has performed parliamentary activities. Giovanni Lorenzetti has been a member of the Catullo Board of Auditors. Franco Sebastiani is a statutory auditor and has been Chairman of Trentino Trasporti Esercizio Spa.
          The members of the Board of Directors nominated by SAVE are: Paolo Simioni has been Chief Executive Officer of the SAVE Group and Aertre Spa since 2007. Since 2009 he has been a member of the Board of Directors of Brussels Charleroi Airport. Alessandra Bonetti is the Manager of the Legal Department of the SAVE Group. Fabio Gava is a lawyer at the Supreme Court and Manager of Institutional Relations of the SAVE Group; Matteo Testa is Strategic Planning and Business Development Manager and Investor Relation Manager of the SAVE Group. 
          Hence the Meeting appointed the members of the Board of Auditors, comprising Angela Salvini, Mauro Campana, Fiorenzo Lorenzini, Martino Dall’Oca and Roberto Maria Rubini. 
          Finally, the Extraordinary Meeting resolved to amend the articles of association by adding the role of Managing Director to the company bodies.
          “The election of the new Board of Directors marks the start of a new phase for Catullo, whose development will continue within the scope of the North-East airport system, through the creation of a network of airports managed in a coordinated way, serving the local community”, stated the Chairman Paolo Arena. “I would like to thank the outgoing members of the Board for their significant commitment over recent years and for their great contribution to the reorganisation and relaunch of the company, which allowed Catullo to regain its role as a significant player in the industry”. - Arena continued – “In line with the shareholders’ appointment, the new board will work for the development of Verona and Brescia airports, exploiting the new integration arrangement with the airports of Venice and Treviso, which guarantees the critical mass and financial capacity to successfully compete on the international market”.

          For further information:

          Sara Biasi
          PR Manager
          Garda Airports - Verona and Brescia
          tel +39 045 8095784