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          Airside Safety and SMS courses



          National and international regulations require all personnel working in the airside to be suitably trained on the rules and conduct to be followed. The goal is to carry out the planned activities while maintaining a high safety level.

          EU Regulation 139/2014 also establishes that the Aerodrome Operator is accountable for the entire safety management system. Therefore all personnel working in the movement area (apron, runway and taxiways) must be aware of all the applicable airside procedures.

          In this regard, the Aerodrome Operator arranges on-line specific mandatory courses whose subjects are:

          • Airside Safety (airside, basic rules for operators, FOD, aircraft engines, adverse weather conditions, airside emergencies);

          • Safety Management System.

          This training is mandatory for those in possession of a green or red airport badge and for those who wish to apply for it.



          The Airside Safety and SMS certificate is valid for 24 months.

          However, as required by Reg. EU 2020/2148, when personnel are absent from their duties in airside for a period not less than 3 and not more than 12 consecutive months, they must attend a refresher training.

          In case of absence beyond 12 consecutive months, such personnel shall undergo initial training.



          To register send an e-mail to the Aerodrome Operator Technical Training Office (  – phone +39 045 8095331) indicating:

          • name, surname and date of birth of the participant;

          • company;

          • personal e-mail address;

          • tax code (codice fiscale, if in possession).

          Consequently, the Technical Training Office will activate the course on the remote training platform and the applicant will receive a confirmation e-mail along with login instructions.

          Student performance will be based on an assessment.


          Same procedure must be applied for expired or expiring certificates renewal.

          The certificate has a three years validity.

          Those in possession of a similar valid qualification obtained at Brescia Montichiari, Treviso or Venice airports will attend a specific supplementary course.




          • Please verify your hardware, software, audio system and network to support your course.
          • No videocamera is required since it is not a live course.



          The course price is €10 per participant. Payment must be made by bank transfer and an accounting copy must be sent to the Pass Office via email (, phone +39 045 8095957).


          BENEFICIARY: Valerio Catullo Airport of Verona Villafranca Spa

          BANK: Banco BPM

          AGENCY: 11-ZAI

          ACCOUNT NUMBER: 51214

          IBAN: IT93J0503459963000000051214

          BIC: BAPPIT21184

          REASON FOR TRANSFER: Airside Safety e SMS, name and surname, company.

          Then it will then be necessary to send an accounting copy to the Administrative Office via email at (tel. 045 8095704), together with the data necessary for issuing the electronic invoice (company name, complete address, VAT number, unique code or pec).