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          Offline advertising

          Advertising at the airport


          Nearly three million people pass through Verona Airport each year from all over the world, bringing  a further one million friends and visitors along with them.

          Each of these individuals are looking for ways to actively occupy their time spent in the Airport Terminal. During the average of two hours that passengers spend at the airport prior to boarding, they look around curiously. They're willing to consider the possibility of purchasing goods and services and are interested in finding out more about about retail promotions and tourism opportunities.

          For this reason, Verona Airport represents an extraordinarily effective means of communication: it allows businesses to reach an incredibly large target, made up of a vastly diverse consumer base, while at the same time providing for a more "interested" and "ready-to-buy" clientele than that of conventional media.

          As of January 2012, Verona Airport has been directly managing all the airport's advertising spaces, including the interior and exterior posters and billboards, offering reliable solutions in terms of customer relations, designed to meet the clients' specific needs. Dozens of systems and a wide range of solutions, capable of satisfying even the most demanding requirements in terms of communication, visibility and budget.



          Numerous advertising spaces of various sizes can be found outside the Terminal, which can be customized in order to ensure exceptional visibility and impact.

          Two-sided arch towers

          Posters 8x3 - 6x3 - 4x3 metres

          Airport buses



          Various advertising spaces are available inside the terminal. These spaces can be entirely customized to meet the customers' needs, and are positioned in such a way so as to get the attention of passengers and visitors as they wait:

          Posters of various sizes
          Backlit Posters
          Check-in banners
          Check-in and rear check-in branding
          Airport domination advertising
          Trolleys/Exhibition areas/stands
          Sampling activities


          Contact information

          Aeroporto Valerio Catullo di Verona S.p.A.
          Advertising division

          Tel. +39 045 8095830