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          Technical Information

          ICAO/IATA Code LIPX / VRN
          Position 45°23'47''N 010°53'16'' E (WGS84)
          Altitude  240 ft (72 m)
          Runways   04-22 - 3068x45 m (strength and surface of RWY87/F/A/W/T)
          Aircraft parking stands  44 Aircraft stands including: 2 for wide-body, 5 for narrow body class  D, 25 Stands Class  C e 14 sotto configurazioni di classe A,B for general aviation. 28 Aircraft stands in push-back, 17 Aircraft stands self manoeuveuring.
          Airport Cat. ICAO 4E
          Fire Fighting category Cat 8 ICAO (Cat 10 on request)
          Navaids ILS CAT IIIB, VOR, NDB, TACAN
          Operational hours H24
          Fuel JA1 (Carboil, Tamoil) - AVGAS not available
          De-icing  H24 (from november to april)
          Airport Operator Aeroporto Valerio Catullo di Verona Villafranca S.p.a. 
          Handlers A.G.S. Handling, GH Italia, Sky Services, Delta Aerotaxi, Argos VPH
          Distance from the city  5 Km from Villafranca and 10 Km from Verona