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          Lake Garda Veneto



          For lovers of sport... Lake Garda!
          For lovers of nature... Lake Garda!
          For lovers of relaxation... Lake Garda!
          For families, couples, those who love a life of luxury or those who prefer a holiday in the open air, those who get around by bike, or those by surf, for those who wake up early and for those who go to bed late, Lake Garda is capable of satisfying everyone’s needs!
          You can choose to live your day in search of adventure or an active holiday, thanks to the numerous possibilities for practising sport, be it in the water or on land, or maybe you prefer to chill out in one of the marvellous bays around the lake, sipping a good glass of wine and admiring the wonderful surroundings that nature offers. 
          Alternatively you can dedicate yourself to your young ones, letting them live an unforgettable day in one of the theme parks in the area, or let them try the experience of a ride to the summit of Monte Baldo by cable car which in just fifteen minutes climbs to a height of 1.800m to reward you with a panorama which leaves everyone breathless. 
          All this and much more is Lake Garda. Try it to believe it!

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          Навигация на озере Гарда



          "Navigazione Lago di Garda" предоставляет услуги навигации на озере Гарда на борту 29 кораблей и позволяет насладиться красотой территории, полюбоваться пейзажами и получить незабываемые впечтления. 
          До главных населенных пунктов озера можно добраться на катере, моторных суднах, а также возможно скоростное передвижение на суднах на подводных крыльях и катамаранах, позволяющих значительно съэкономить время. 
          Также выполняется перевоз транспортных средств на паромах по линиям Тосколано-Мадерно и Торри-дель-Бенако, а также Лимоне и Мальчезине.

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