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Verona Airport and ENAC: Information campaign to facilitate passengers through security checks


                                                                                                                                Press Release

Verona Airport and ENAC: Information campaign to facilitate passengers through security checks

Verona, 3 October 2014 – From the collaboration between Catullo Spa, which manages the airports of Verona and Brescia, and the North East Airport Management of ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) comes the awareness campaign for passengers leaving from Verona Airport, on items that can be carried in hand luggage and those that must be put into the hold.
The aim of the campaign is to reduce the amount of time needed for security procedures through an information campaign that increases passengers' knowledge of the related legislation, hence allowing them to get ready for security checks. By reducing the inconvenience caused by items that cannot be carried in hand luggage, waiting times and the time taken to go through the security checks can be reduced.
Personnel from the management company will be available in the Departures Terminal to provide information on security and the items that can be transported in luggage today and then on 8, 19 and 27 October. For the occasion, the management company has drawn up some informative material with ENAC to be distributed in the airport and that has been published on the website.

In this material ENAC advises departing passengers to get ready for security checks with their boarding card and identification ready to be checked by the relevant personnel. It highlights that all items not contained in hand luggage, but that need to be passed through the X-ray scanners, must be placed in the tray, such as: watches, keys, computers, mobile phones, wallets, coats, jackets, belts. etc. The items that cannot be transported in hand luggage are also listed (sharp, pointed and flammable items, chemical substances etc.); it specifies that liquids (such as water, perfume, sprays etc.) can only be transported in quantities of up to 100 ml per individual substance, up to a total of 1 litre, if contained in a clear plastic sealable bag. Announcements will also be broadcast on the loudspeaker to provide passengers with information on European and national legislation.

For further information:

Sara Biasi
PR Manager
Garda Airports - Verona and Brescia
tel +39 045 8095784