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Verona, March 19th, 2013 – The Company Catullo Spa has been awarded, with Interministerial Decree of 18.03.2013 the comprehensive management of Brescia Montichiari Airport for the duration of 40 years.


The Decree was signed by the Italian Ministers of Infrastructures and Transport, Economic Development, and Economy and Finance. Catullo Spa is currently providing the comprehensive management of Verona Airport.


The President of Catullo Spa, Paolo Arena, commented as follows: “The concession for the comprehensive management of Brescia Montichiari Airport awarded to Catullo Spa, awaited for fourteen years, overcame the final obstacle that was hindering the growth of this excellent infrastructure, which can count on a 3,000-meter-long runway, and on technologies and installations that allow handling as many as 150,000 tons of merchandise per year.  The concession sends a strong signal to the market, confirming the solidity of our industrial plan; it will make us reliable partners and interlocutors for the airlines and the logistics operators, also in the medium and the longterm. The time horizon of this type of industrial project spans necessarily over several years. The market was actually expecting that the Central Government would confirm, by means of the comprehensive management concession, that the growth of Brescia would have been entrusted to Catullo Spa, also for the medium term.


The concession has been awarded to the entire Group (Catullo Spa is also currently providing the comprehensive management of  Verona Airport) - the President, Paolo Arena, added -  this is a truly significant result, both financially and operatively. With this concession, Catullo Spa is stepping up to a higher category in the marketplace; from merely being a company that runs a regional airport, it will become the manager of an airport system strategically important; both locally, for its area of reference (because it will benefit side businesses and improve the offer of services to individuals and companies), and nationwide.”


The President went on explaining the leap in quality that the Company achieved today, by providing a survey of the current structure of both airports: “With the two concessions for Verona and Brescia awarded to a single manager, Garda  airports system will be an addition to the Rome, Milan and Venice existing airport systems. Its position, in terms of its geographical size and catchment area, will be second only to the Rome and Milan systems.


After completing the required technical process, we have firmly petitioned for the interministerial decree to be signed - the President Arena concluded - to that end, we could also enjoy the active support of the local politicians and business representatives. We wish to express our gratitude to all of them. I would like to thank all those who undertook to achieve this result: the Hon. Gianni Dal Moro, the Hon. Lorenzo Dellai, the Hon. Alberto Giorgetti, President Alessandro Bianchi, the Mayor of Verona Flavio Tosi, the Presidents of the Provinces Giovanni Miozzi and Daniele Molgora, President Andrea Bolla, the Board of Directors and the General Manager, and the staff of the airports. And I would like to thank ENAC and, specifically, the General Manager Alessio Quaranta. Minister Passera and Minister Grilli are especially worthy of our deepest gratitude for giving us the opportunity to put the Company on the path of a qualitative leap.


So now we will start involving all the shareholders in a relaunching project, so that through a convergence of intent we can all work together to bring the growth we expect.”


“After a fourteen-year-long wait, and over eighty million invested in airport infrastructures, Brescia airport will be starting anew, fully fit to operate in a sector, such as the freight transport sector, that has shown peculiar fragility within the Italian productivity system for several decades - the General Manager of Catullo Spa, Carmine Bassetti, commented -; the strategy will consist in getting back the Made in Italy “runaway” goods that are currently directed to the main hubs in Northern Europe, estimated at about 600,000 tons/year. The short-term goal will be to recover 25% of runaway goods within the next five years, by increasing Montichiari airport’s operational capacity from the current 45,000 tons/year to 150,000 tons/year, including mail handling.”


The General Manager then pointed out the potential benefits of a synergistic management of both Verona and Brescia airports, as fulfilled by Catullo Spa, by explaining how “by awarding the management of both airports to Catullo Spa, the value of such a complete airport system within the geographical area it serves is inestimable, both strategically and operationally. The system allows exploiting the complementarity among the two airports, making it possible to optimize each one’s traffic capacity, and therefore value each one’s specific features.


In particular, relaunching Brescia airport - the General Manager concluded - will boost the growth of the logistics tied to national air transport, which currently does not satisfy the Made in Italy export levels.”




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