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Verona, 5 July 2012 - Livingston starts to fly from Verona Valerio Catullo, now the second base of this new Italian airline.
Livingston thus expands its offer flying from Verona with Airbus 320 to the Red Sea, Greece, Tel Aviv, Tunisia, Balearic Islands, Morocco and the Balkans in order to catch the strong growth potential of the  leisure market

In honor of the city of Verona, Livingston decided to call one of its aircraft "City of Verona".
The ceremony took place this morning at Valerio Catullo Airport and was attended by Riccardo Toto, CEO and owner of Livingston, Paolo Arena, Managing Director of Catullo Spa - the company managing Verona and Brescia airports and Carmine Bassetti, airport General Manager .

"The opening of this new base - Riccardo Toto said to journalists - is an important step in the consolidation of the company's market. We believe that the Verona airport area has great potential and we are working with enthusiasm to succeed to offer our customers new opportunities and a costant increase in meeting their needs. 
Livingston project- Toto continues – keeps on with determination and strength, in accordance with the business plan recently submitted and with a strong desire to continue to grow. The market response to our offer is proving very positive and the relationships with tour operators and travel agencies are getting stronger. I firmly believe in the model of an innovative and modern Livingston and that we can look to the future with great optimism."

"Today with the Livingston aircraft dedication to the city - Paolo Arena underpins- we officially launch the airline development plan in Catullo airport. We teamed up, through the opening of new routes and the realization of tailor-made services for passengers, in order to give an important contribution to the airport traffic increase and to create a growth opportunity for the local linked activities, determined by the presence of a new airline. "

The Livingston fleet is constantly increasing in regard to announced schedule and plan. As required by the fleet plan for this 2012 summer season 5 Airbus A320 are in service.
When fully operational, Livingston will have 11 aircrafts: 8 short-medium haul Airbus A320 and 3 long-haul.Airbus A330.

The main driver of the Livingston offer is to make passengers to live a rewarding experience. The web-based services can be handled from home and via mobile or directly on board through the on-board individual entertainment LCD screen.
The Livingston client, indeed, can directly choose his on-board meal and enjoy entertainment services featuring a wide library of multimedia products. In addition, we are carrying out a study on direct pre-booking of low cost airport parking,  preferential boarding, VIP lounge use, on the Livingston web-site. These services are already operational in flights from Milan Malpensa. The luggage shipment in advance to your final destination in door-to-door mode, transfer from home to the airport, car hire and chaffeur service will be available soon.
The Livingston network for short / medium haul flights for the next summer season offers consolidated touristic destinations: Egypt / Red Sea, Greece, Tunisia, Israel, Turkey, Morocco, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands, for Italy, Lampedusa. In addition, Livingston operates flights to pilgrimage destinations , like Lourdes and Medjugorje and connections to the Balkans and Scandinavia.
"We are very pleased with this opportunity offred to us by Verona, -Livingston commercial director Giorgio Valenti said  - to propose a functional business model, providing different products: leisure market, pilgrimages, incoming,  incentive. Verona airport will become a basis for an area that we intend to consolidate, deepen and fully confirm with its proper potential. "

Livingston is the new Italian airline owned by Riccardo Toto from 15 December 2011. The company, based in Milan Malpensa, has been operating international and intercontinental flights since March 2012.
The Livingston 2012 fleet is made of 5 Airbus A320-200 (short-medium haul) and 2 Airbus A330-200 (long haul). By 2013, the carrier will have 11 aircrafts in total.
Livingston sums up the characteristics of an efficient low-cost carrier, along with the ones of a corporate jet company, capable to offer services at the highest levels of courtesy and reliability. The business model is highly innovative and its distinctive features are: the "tailor made" service , the young fleet and a strong partnership with tour operators and travel agencies.

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