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Airport of Verona is now a member of Assoclearance

Airport of Verona is now a member of Assoclearance, the association that coordinates arrival and departure times for all main Italian airports and plans flight programs in agreement with all member airports and airlines. This is an important result for the Catullo, meaning that our terminal, like main national and international airports, has reached higher standards in terms of operations planning and will be able to grant better traffic development and more benefits for travelers.

Verona, 28th January 2011 – From 1st January 2011 Verona Airport has become a member of Assoclearence since it has gained the requested operations planning standards like all major airports. Assoclearence, an association made of large number of Airlines and Airport Managing Companies, has the task to manage and coordinate arrival and departure times (slots) for major national airports. As a member of Assoclearance, Catullo airport will be able to better handle its traffic flows and synchronize its flying operations with all other member airports, with the perspective of a future growth and traffic increase.

Verona Airport has registered a progressive growth since last November, reaching 26,57% in the first three weeks of January and 21% of passengers are flying low cost. Incoming passengers in the first three weeks of January are 25,19% more compared to the same period in 2010, with an important economic effect in term of incoming tourism. The entry of Verona Airport in Assoclearence is both a result and an opportunity at the same time ­- stated Fabio Bortolazzi President of Verona Airport – It is a result, because Verona Airport has so much developed its structure that has become a coordinated airport like all major airport in Italy. It is an opportunity, because by means of Assoclearence our traffic growth will be more balanced with a consequent higher advantage for our passengers. Verona Airport is facing an important development phase with the aim to offer higher quality standards and its entry into Assoclearance is one of the steps of this improvement process.”

“By this important attainment, Verona Airport will be able to plan its flying operations and offer its passengers highly appreciated standards as are doing all major airport worldwide. The technological system used by Assoclearance in its coordination process has already been pre-arranged, in order to grant the best cooperativeness with any other national and international airport – added Nadio Di Rienzo Assoclearance Executive President – Scheduling of domestic air traffic has already been arranged according to the new Regulations that are going to be published by the European Community with reference to the “Network Operation Management” on the continent”.