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Passengers record last August and 20 per cent growth in September
Catullo airport president, Mr Fulvio Cavalleri, promised “a busy summer breaking all passengers records set in 2006”. Today, the positive trend at Valerio Catullo has first registered a 15 per cent increase in passenger figures if compared to August 2006, and then a further 20% growth in September in comparison with the same period last year.  
Such positive results are partly due to the success gained with low cost new connections to the Garda area. A 343% hike in the number of budget flights has been recorded during the first seven months of 2007, bringing to Catullo airport over 220 thousand passengers (50 thousands only during previous year). Yet, low cost airlines are not the only reason for the airport improvement. “Summer is over and ordinary business routes are starting again to carry more people – underlines Sale Manager Umberto Solimeno - Verona-Rome for instance increased of 33 per cent in the reporting month of September”.
474 thousand travellers were carried to and from Verona Airport last August: nearly 344 thousand passengers flew to international destinations, while 128 thousand preferred domestic routes, with a total increase of 18% in comparison with summer 2006. The busiest day was Saturday 18th August, when Villafranca set a traffic record of 26.416 passengers (over 3.000 more the previous year). The positive trend continued all summer with week-end peaks of 50 thousands travellers: this is the highest ever week-end passenger count on record at Catullo.
“Apart for some ordinary troubles related to intense passengers flux – states President Cavalleri – all airport infrastructures were fully used to cater for passengers facilities. This encouraging result is paying back our recent years upgrade investments to cater for a growing number of passengers. It is in fact our belief that airport development and travellers services must always keep the same pace”. The most recent step towards this direction was the P6 car-park opening last August: 480 parking places for a total of 4.000 car parks available, with fees from 3 to 12 Euros per days.
Expecting a further traffic growth, Catullo is more and more interested in new works to improve accessibility to the terminal. Building a dedicated tollgate and the light underground railway Vicenza – Mantua are the most urgent ones.