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Regional Marketing is considered of great importance, as demonstered already with the projects “Reti di Città” and “Area Metropolitana”. For this main reason, the Regional Authorities, including Verona, Mantova and Trento as first promoters and then Brescia and Vicenza following, decided to create a touristic and economic development programme involving the five provinces area. The main target of the project is the opening of nine new connections between Verona and other European towns, that will be managed by Air Italy and operating from Valerio Catullo.
This initiative is highly innovative and complies with the Government guidelines on touristic development. Regional Authorities (Municipalities, Provinces, Veneto Region, Chambers of Commerce, Trade and Industrial Associations,  Economic and Financial Institutions, Promotion Agencies) have started the preliminary stage of the project and the public and private bodies that will be allowed to contribute to the success of this winning idea, will be published in a sort of “production room”.
To establish nine new connections between the Catullo airport and other large Europoean towns, with a new low cost airline created by Air Italy, is already a very important result. This would connect the centre of five different yet complementary and rich in touritic and business attractions towns, such as Brescia, Mantova, Trento, Verona and Vicenza to Moscow, Sofia, Praha, Warsaw, Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin and Barcelona. It is undoubtedly a significant first step into the further development of the whole area.
A much more important announcement has been made this morning in the Confindustria office in Verona: for the first time it has been established that the regional development project, in addition to the new flight connections that will be operative from June, also includes a Territorial Marketing Agency with the aim to offer tourists and businessmen travellers a complete assistance. Expecting the number of passengers to grow to 1 million people more then today in only one year time, it is important that the Territorial Marketing Agency can provide the best services and assistance. In addition to that the Agency also have to create a strong and tangible regional identity and, by use the most up-to-date technology, make all the information regarding the regional area available for the visitors. Hotels and restaurants will be presented on-line according to their category features, events will be advertised and all the details for reservations will be explained together with services, driving directions necessary to reach the places of interest and specific offers for those who are interested in art, culture, sport, wellness and free time activities.  
All authorities involved in the project will cooperate to develop these activities, since their potentialities are extremely important in order to face the fast growing international competitors in the tourism market.
 “Our Territory must be in some ways considered and managed like a product” affirmed Sandro Boscaini, president of Masi Agricola and member of the Executive Board of the new Territorial Marketing Agency. “We are proud to offer towns, lakes, mountains in the Trentino region, touristic and sport events and entertainment: with such a complete offer you’re never off-season. It’s only a matter of organization and we can seriously compete with the Countries that are only offering one-theme-based and seasonal tourism. It’s a very important initiative we all have to be proud of”.
The growth of Sistema Aeroporti del Garda also includes the development of the airports Catullo in Verona and D’Annunzio in Brescia. The second tends to concentrate more on cargo services, but is ready to open new flight connections as well. Their development is a key element for the economy of the whole area “and not only” adds Fulvio Cavalleri, President of the Verona aiport. “Air Italy’s choice to implement the flight connections from Verona and later on also from Brescia, together with the strongly desired setting up of a new Agency for Territory Development, is a fundamental step for the economic and social future of this area. With over three millions passengers in 2006, Verona is already a leading airport in Italy. Yet we must go further: an airport with higher transit rates can offer better services, have a more significant role in international flight routes negotiations and can provide an excellent rating of services to its passengers. Verona and Brescia can vant an ideal location. They not only do not interfer with the neighbouring provinces, but, thanks to their airports, are considered as a reference point for Modena, Bolzano and Padova as well”. In order to better involve the people of our territory in this project, the Territorial Marketing Agency will open a ideas competition in the five provinces to find out a name for the Agency. Schools and private citizens will be invited to take part in the competition.
As explained, Air Italy’s new flights will be operative from June 1st and from today you can buy your tickets ondine at One-way tickets cost starting from Euro 35.00, all included, for all destinations except Moscow. In this case the promotional price is Euro 75.00.
Meanwhile, the Territorial Marketing Agency, with its newly nominated president Giovanni Aspes, will become operative and start its activity in accordance both with the project aims and also with the Government guidelines on touristic activities.

- (Photo 1) from left Sandro Boscaini, Fulvio Cavalleri and Gentilini
- (Photo 2) Tourism Councillor of Provincia di Trento Tiziano Mellarini
- (Photo 3) Vice-Presidente of Regione Veneto Luca Zaira
- (Photo 4)
- (Photo 5) Spokesmen
- (Photo 6)