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A new cooperation agreement has been singed by Air Italy, represented by Captain Giuseppe Gentile, Aeroporti Sistema del Garda, represented by President Fulvio Cavalleri and the new Società di Marketing Territoriale (Agency for Local Marketing), represented by President Giovanni Aspes. Their target is to establish and develop nine new international/European connections from Valerio Catullo airport and also significantly enhance the airport structures expecting a passenger flux growth of one million people in three years.  
The agreement signed by Captain Gentile, Lawyer Cavalleri and Dr. Aspes also aims at recognising Air Italy as an integrated and active element in the touristic and economic development and promotion for the provinces Brescia, Mantova, Trento, Verona and Vicenza.
Captain Giuseppe Gentile declares:” During my long career I have always believed in the potentialities of Verona airport and now, after so many years, this agreement with Aeroporti del Garda is the result. I am more more confident in the fact that we can still have great satisfactions if we cooperate and share our competence and ability and this strong awareness made sign this new agreement.
Furthermore, if we consider that this area attracts many tourists and businessmen flying to and from an extraordinary dynamic business area, we must be really motivated and willing to offer our present and future customers an excellent ratings of services”.
Air Italy is a new Airline, whose members are proud to offer their proven experience to carefully guarantee the highest level of quality and security to the passengers.
Thanks to its experienced team, Air Italy has gained important targets in just 2 years:
  • 5 aircrafts operating for medium and long range: 3 B757-200 and 2 B767-300 (one of which is operating abroad)
  • a team of around 280 people that is able to grant high quality and security standards together with sharp-timing;
  • a maintenance centre at the Verona Catullo airport, with exclusive hangar management;
  • self-organization for flying personnel training;
  • 12 leisure markets for  medium-long range: Venezuela, Madagascar, Mozambique, Brazil, Maldives, Kenya, Zanzibar, Dominican Republic, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Egypt
  • 2 armament bases: Milan and Verona;
  • a passenger flux of 400.000 people last year;
  • setting up of the first controlled airline located abroad, in Egypt: Euromediterranean that will be ready from March 07.
All the good results are also supported by the economic and financial management: the second financial year (10 months only) was closed with a turnover of  €51 millions, an EBITDA of €1,6 millions and a profit of € 0,2 millions.