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Growth activity in the first quarter.

The complex of Garda Airports including Valerio Catullo in Verona Villafranca and Gabriele D'Annunzio in Brescia Montichiari, recorded a significant activity increase in the first quarter 2003, in spite of the worrying situation caused by the Iraqi conflict and the spread of Sars.
The period January-April 2003 has been characterized by a substancial increment of the number of passengers and flights.
The passengers arriving and departing have been 710,092 (%2B19.9%25) in comparison to 592,183 in the same period during 2002.
A trend so satisfactory is confirmed by the data referring to aircrafts traffic.
The 16.066 movements in the first quarter 2003, registered an increment of 19.6%25 in comparison to the same period of past year.
For Valerio Catullo Airoport in Verona the data referring to April are particularly positive > 171,927 passengers transited (%2B11.14%25) and the number of the the aircrafts movements has been 3.132 (%2B23.99%25).
Brescia Montichiari Airport on the contrary has suffered from some contingent difficulties at the beginning of the year.
By the way the traffic volume in the first quarter has been 53.86.
The recovery plan has announced a doubling of Ryanair flights and a master agreement with Viaggi del Ventaglio group.
This will permit to reach a very satisfactory level of activity already starting from the beginning of May.