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The privileged passage for business clients makes its first appearance

Catullo Business Way (B-Way ), the new offer by Verona Valerio Catullo airport company for business clients is born. The new service will be available from Monday , December 2, 2002.

A passage -Fast Track- dedicated to fast passage during security operations will be available.
It is a privileged access that will sensibly speed up waiting times, caused by security operations.
This service can be used by business class (national and international) passengers, -Club For You- Card holders issued by the airport Company and frequent flyer clients of airline companies operating in the Veronese hub.
Catullo Business Way will be fruibile from Monday to Friday from 06,00 to 09,00 hrs, timetable representing the most useful period for business clients.
'Catullo Business Way' says Fulvio Cavalleri, chairman of Valerio Catullo Airport company? Is an important starting point for the veronese hub, the first in Italy to offer the service 'Fast Track'.
This initiative starting on Monday is only the beginning of a more complex range of offers, that, within next spring, Valerio Catullo airport is going to start for its business clients.
The next steps of Catullo Business Way are to set a reserved parking bookable via Internet at, reserved check-in desks and the Catullo Lounge entrance.
The objective of 'Catullo Business Way' -says Mauro Marrocu-chairman of Valerio Catullo Airport is to create privileged route within the air stationarea for business clients, who need quick and efficient services, not only on arrival at the airport but in the creation of the journey.
For this reason, the diffusion of information is an essential. For this purpose, I can announce, that from January 2003 the service 'ADG Press' (Airports of the Garda Press), will be active, addressed to Industrial Associations, Api- Association of small firms, Chambers of Commerce and other Business Communities in the area. Monthly we will send a range of information like: scheduled flights timetable, news, communications about Business offers of our companies.
Catullo Business Way represents also an important step that confirms the will of the Valerio Catullo Airport company to satisfy the business demand, that is more and more meaningful and that makes Catullo no more and not only the second airport in Italy for chartered flights, but also an air station with multiple offers, more and more careful about the needs of passengers flying scheduled flights.