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With imore than 30 retailers extending over an area of 3,000 square metres, the Verona Villafranca Airport ranks among the top regional airports in the country, even ranking second among Italy's Charter Airports. The retail services available at the Airport include prestigious national brand names in the clothing, leather wear  and underwear sectors, not to mention a functional duty free shop and a wide range of Food & Beverage services.
If you're interested in opening a retail business at the Verona airport, please write to: Stefano Bertoncelli and Massimo D’Alto, and attach the following documents:

  • The company profile
  • A description of the format being proposed
  • An up to date Certificate of Incorporation


1. Fees
A minimum fixed rent including VAT.
A variable fee based on the total turnover excluding VAT, for the part exceeding the minimum fixed rent. Payment is postponed according to arrangements.

2. Warehouses
Warehouses of various sizes are available to retailers for an annual fee.

3. Updating mechanism 
The rents and warehouse fees will be updated annually based on any ISTAT variations.

4. Utilities
Direct consumption utilities, such as electricity and water, heating, air conditioning, garbage collection will be charged based on the area occupied by the retailer itself.

5. Insurance
Insurance policies must be stipulated in order to cover all the relative risks.

6. Guarantees
A bank guarantee, valid up to 6 months beyond the expiration or termination of the sub-licensing contract, is mandatory. This deposit will be proportional to the annual rent.

7. Accounting
The sub-licensee is required to keep specific accounting records of the activities carried out at the airport, and must regularly transmit the sales figures to Catullo SpA via telematic means.

8. Human resources
The sub-licensee is obliged to comply with all the provisions of law relating to wages, insurance, social security, etc.
For additional information, please contact: 
Direzione Commerciale Non Aviation Aeroporto Valerio Catullo 
Stefano Bertoncelli 
Tel. + 39 045 8095728