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The most beautiful destinations in Europe are just around the corner, thanks to the wealth of flights available, with offers starting at just € 30 one way

Verona, 1 August 2011 – Europe's never been so close, thanks to the numerous, convenient regular and low-cost flights from Verona to the most beautiful destinations in Europe, with offers starting at just € 30 one way (fares subject to variations and limitations). In June, Verona Airport registered a 45% rise in passengers travelling on international scheduled flights, a figure in line with the analyses for the period, which showed a significant rise in foreign visitors to Verona, as emerges from the data published by the Department of Tourism of the Province. Parallel to the rise in visitor numbers from abroad is the growing number of passengers travelling to the major European cities, in line with figures for the rest of Italy. The large number of low-cost offers encourages travellers to opt for European destinations in particular, with 51% of preferences among Italian passengers.

In the period from January to June, 1,503,896 passengers passed through Verona, up 12.8% on the same period in 2010, and higher than the 9.2% average for Italian airports on the whole. During this period, passengers on domestic flights totalled 620,289 and those on international flights 874,223. In the first six months, the low-cost segment accounted for 25% of the overall value of traffic handled by the airport (compared to almost 9% in 2010), while traditional scheduled flights accounted for over 54%.

The most popular destinations remain the major European cities, such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Munich, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Paris and Vienna, to which both traditional and low-cost airlines operate flights from Catullo airport, with fares starting at just € 30 one way (subject to variations and limitations).

Around 25,000 passengers travelled between Verona and London in June, thanks to the flights run by British Airways, Ryanair and Easyjet. During the same month, almost 40,000 passengers flew to German destinations from Verona. There are three airlines that operate flights from Catullo Airport to Germany: Air Dolomiti, Air Berlin and Germanwings. Air Dolomiti flies daily to Munich and Frankfurt, and in April, Air Berlin began running flights from Verona to Berlin and Düsseldorf six times a week, with offers starting at € 44.99 one way, inclusive of taxes. Germanwings offers four flights a week for Cologne, with fares from € 29.99 one way, inclusive of taxes.

Another popular European destination is the Spanish mainland and islands, with over 100,000 passengers carried during the first six months of the year, 34,000 of them in June. Verona also runs direct flights to Madrid (Ryanair) and Barcelona (Vueling), as well as numerous regular and charter flights to Ibiza, Menorca, Palma de Mallorca and Tenerife.

Offers for Greece and the Greek islands are also proving very popular, with around 30,000 passengers travelling in June alone on regular and charter flights to destinations such as Athens, Crete, Heraklion, Kos, Karpathos, Mikonos, Rhodes, Samos, Santorini and Skiatos.