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Milan, 18 February 2011 - At a press conference today held in the Veneto Region stand at BIT - International Tourism Exchange - Managing Director Massimo Soppani presented the results of 2010 and the projections on the year. In particular the positive results of traffic during recent months were illustrated (+26.57% in January and +30.59% in the first week of February), the state of progress of the development plan and the new commercial agreements which involve flight scheduling for the next summer season.

The Verona Airport has been a key player during the last year in a radical transformation, both strategic and infrastructural, in accordance with the development plan guidelines which has determined achievement of significant results already in 2010. Some signs of recovery in the national and local scenario can be seen which deal with both the tourism market in which it operates (international arrivals in Italy +1.2%) and the reference basin economy (Verona: + 5.08% tourism arrivals; +21% export in 2010 compared to 2009).

Today Verona connects 150 destinations through the more than 30 Airlines which operate out of the airport.

For the volume of traffic which it already moves and in view of future growth, Catullo has achieved characteristics such to determine its entry into Assoclearance from 1 January 2011, acquiring the standards in flight operation planning which major airports implement. This will allow better traffic management, also through synchronisation of operating activities with the various other associated airports.

Also, from last summer the CTR Garda air traffic control service was accepted by Enav (Italian company for air navigation services). In fact, after a period of working alongside airport staff, the Air Force has handed control over to civilian personnel. This meant an increase in the capacity of the Veronese airport to the benefit of the carriers.