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Airport of Verona: started today the redevelopment work for the strip heads


Airport of Verona: started today the redevelopment work for the strip heads

Verona, 8th October 2010 – Verona airport is preparing for the traffic increase expected in the coming years by completely rebuilding 360 m landing/take-off stripes and investing 2 Million Euro.

The Managing Company has planned a complete renovation for 12% of the runway by replacing 16.200 sqm concrete road surface with a nearly double thick modern asphalt pavement.

To avoid disturbing airport operations, the rebuilding work will be carried out by night. Some slight limitations have been arranged for flying operations during the day, in order to hold down any possible effects on daily flying schedules.

To grant a minimum tampering to flying activities, the work plan has been developed in details in cooperation with the appointed Authorities and will be carried out during the less intensive period, that is autumn and the first months of the new year.

The Managing Company is committed to take any necessary actions in order to avoid possible discomforts during times of higher traffic or in case of fog.

A key contribution in the technical planning stage was given by ENAC Projects and Panning Division, ENAV S.p.A and by the local Air Force 3rd Formation S.O., all of which we wish to thank for their input into the project.

The works are expected to start the first week of October and finish the second week of November 2010. A second phase will be executed in spring 2011 and will last for nearly two months.