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Today at Catullo the promotional initiatives organized by the airport in cooperation with the Province of Mantua were presented on the occasion of the exhibition “Matilde of Canossa. The Papacy and the Empire. History, Art and Culture at the Origins of the Romanesque”. Thanks to the long-established relationship between Manta and the airport of Verona and to the far-seeing proposal of the Manta authority for Culture and Tourism, the terminal has been considered as an ideal promotional vehicle for the prestigious exhibition, which is being on show at Mantegna House from 31st August 2008 to 11th January 2009. During this period, all passengers departing from Catullo will receive a special boarding pass, which contains a picture from the exhibition and permits to get a discount for the show entrance ticket. This unique initiative is already gaining good results and being appreciated by travellers, who are paying more and more attention to any additional benefits that can be obtained from an ordinary air-travel. Mantua Provincial Council has acted as pacemaker to this combined promotional action in which Verona airport is playing a central role. “We wish to reinforce the relationship between our territory and the Catullo – said the province Councillor for Tourism Roberto Pedrazzoli - in order to better emphasize our cultural and enogastronomic offers. To act on the long term, we are also thinking to set up a permanent welcoming point for incoming air-travellers”. Catullo president, Fabio Bortolazzi, declared himself in favour of this operation “I’ve always been thinking of the airport as a display window for cultural and economic initiatives of our territory and I believe that this is a necessary step if we want to make all vital centres in our area cooperate in synergy with dynamism”. The exhibition about the life of Matilde of Canossa is also being promoted by an advertising totem positioned at the arrival terminal as well as on the home page of the airport website. This is in fact an informative tool that has been gaining more and more interest among air-travellers, also partly supplanting traditional information channels, and reaching one million contacts in one year. The toady meeting was also attended by Andrea Prando, Catullo’s board member and since some months also sole director of Cuore d’Italia, the marketing company created by Garda Airports System and Province of Mantua to enhance incoming tourism to the Garda area. “I believe it is of capital importance – commented Prando – that the airport, taking advantage of its interregional structure, can play a core role in the promotion of cultural initiatives in its territory, going beyond its original function as an air-transport service provider.