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Zeffirelli’s idol statues welcome tourists arriving to Verona

While the 86th Arena Lyrics Festival is coming to its end, the president of Valerio Catullo airport, Fabio Bortolazzi, expressed his positive judgment on this season’s experiment at the arrival terminal, where since the beginning of August, four statues have been on display, which have been designed and first staged in 2002 by Maestro Franco Zeffirelli as part of the AIDA setting. “Catullo is the main entrance for tourists coming to Verona by air, therefore from this summer we decided to  welcome them with some admirable Arena settings: our world most famous tourist attraction. The experiment was appreciated by visitors and thus is encouraging us to further develop this initiative and offer additional set design images and appealing cues for a visit in our area”.
   This initiative – desired by Catullo presidency and well appreciated by the Overseer of Fondazione Arena  Francesco Girondini and by vice-president Paolo Arena – is just the result of the existent cooperation between Verona airport and Ente Lirico (the organization for lyrics production of the Arena di Verona), as both parts are willing to strongly promote trade and tourist opportunities offered by the Garda Airports System area, where from January 2007 to July 2008, over two million and 800 thousand people have arrived by landing at Catullo.
   In a summer season which is giving overall less brilliant results if compared to  2007 – as recorded by most Italian airports – Verona terminal has nonetheless registered positive figures in comparison with the same period in 2006.

   This summer Catullo is also offering additional facilities “for a more pleasant and stay and transit time: besides the more demanding projects described above – stated Business Manager Umberto Solimeno – we have equipped tha Catullo Lounge with two ergonomics shiatsu massage armchairs, which we are going to position also in other terminal areas in the future. Furthermore, all departing children have been given funny balloon colouring masks”.