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Meeting at Catullo between airport presidents and Parliament representatives
An important meeting took place this morning at airport Catullo in Villafranca between the presidents of Verona and Brescia - Fabio Bortolazzi and Pierluigi Angeli – and Parliament representatives for the three regions of the Garda area. The reasons for the summit are to be found in the “changed scenario” in which the managing company is now operating. “Once Catullo obtained the forty years permission – explained president Bortolazzi – we can think in the long term and make significant investment and development plans for the future”. The parliamentaries were invited to “take all the chances that are rapidly ripening”. Together with the new managing opportunities deriving from the forty years permission, a number of additional projects concerning infrastructural works have been illustrated as well: the new tollgate “for a better access to and from all four traffic directions resulting from the two large gangways crossing”, the people mover linking Catullo, fairground and train station, the direct connection between Verona-Mantua railway and Verona airport, and the positive effect that will result from the building of the raceway in Vigasio. The Verona and Brescia airports managing company asked the parliamentaries to try to reduce as much as possible the bureaucratic time that is needed for the projects approval since they often are delaying its progression. Politicians were invited to take into account some procedures for a faster projects development: the status change form military to civil airport for Catullo, the approval of the “contratto di programma” (bilateral agreement), which was already approved by Enac in 2007 and is till waiting to be further examined. From this second action depends the update of aiport service tariffs that have not been revised since 1998, with consequent negatrive effects on the company economy. The summit – which was closed with the parliamentaries commitment to follow up the airport requests and provide constant and regular reports on their proceedings – was attended by Daniele Molgora for Brescia area, Giacomo Santini for Trentino region, Verona parliament representatives of Pdl Cinzia Bonfrisco and Alessandro Montagnoli; Federica Mogherini as responsible for institutional relations of Pd; Federico Testa and Gianpietro Dal Moro of Pd.