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Presented the new agreement taken by Airport, Chamber of Commerce and AMT
The Airport Valerio Catullo, the Chamber of Commerce and the AMT (Mobility and Transport Agency) have officially opened this morning the integrated mobility project for Verona. A strong agreement between the parts aims at implementing the transport system in order to make it more rational and up-to-date, so that Verona will achieve the Northern-European mobility standards. The project was developed in cooperation with Transmit (Centre of Study of Verona University), which carried out a pre-study to check the feasibility of the desired interventions, make a cost estimate and develop a future local connection to the regional metropolitan system. The transport integration plan includes both infrastructural works to connect the most important points in the metropolitan area and a new localization perspective for the use of the so-called “parcheggi scambiatori” (car parks). Thanks to this plan, the airport plays a key role in the metropolitan mobility of the future. The project starts from Valerio Catullo, which is not only a growing terminal, but also the focus point between Corridors One and Five of the European viability and between A4 and A22 motorways. In the near future – as anticipated by Catullo president Fabio Bortolazzi – “our airport will play even a more central role, as the new airport tollgate is going to opened soon and make access to the terminal easier from all the four driving directions. Catullo has been working on this project for long time and, in cooperation with Autobrennero, is also developing a large car park in the terminal neighbouring area”. This “parcheggio scambiatore” aims at collecting the traffic flow to the city direction. Also on study, along with the other interconnection solutions, a possible connection by an electric monorail people mover. “This system – explained the director of Catullo technical department, Antonio Zerman – would make frequent and fast the connections between the airport and the main attraction points such as the Fairground, the Freight Village Quadrante Europa, the train station and the city centre and would also allow to serve the local traffic in some city areas”. The aim of the integrated mobility project – underlined president Bortolazzi - “is not just to interconnect new roads and transport ways to the advantage of the different organizations. We are making a further step: granting financial support by sharing mobility corridors and parking areas”. Through appropriate arrangements between the Fair and the airport we could for instance level the seasonal traffic flows and ensure a constant performance of our infrastructures. “This integrated transport and parking outline – stated AMT president, Massimo Mariotti – will be as much useful to private citizens as to business enterprises and will improve the economical development as well as people’s life quality. It makes public transport easier and reduces air pollution in the city centre; it make more fluid and fast the interconnections between the Fairground, the city centre, the “Quadrante Europa”, the airport, the administrative and trade offices”. The project was also approved by the “Veronafiere” president Luigi Castelletti, who was strongly interested to improve viability and parking solutions and was asking “rapid time when passing from the developing stage to the concrete operative stage”. Positive feedback was also gained from the Verona Province president Elio Mosele and the regional councillor Massimo Giorgetti, who has also pointed out that the Veneto Committee, working in line with this project, is designing a feasibility study for the regional metropolitan system with the aim to extend it to the Eastern direction and to Verona. The meeting was lead by Fabio Bortolazzi, by the vice-president of Transmit Prof. Cesare Surano, and by the AMT president Massimo Mariotti. Also attending were the Province Councellor for transport, mobilty and traffic Alberto Martelletto, the chief executive of Autobrennero Massimo Cetto, the president of VeronaMercato Riccardo Caccia and the Verona Councellor for the participating Organizations Sandro Sandri.