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400 delegates from all over the world to assist the leading airport retail even
Garda Airport System will host in Verona the 2008 edition of “Aci Europe Trading Conference & Exhibition” dedicated to airport retail: a leading event where delegates from all over the world will have the opportunity – from Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th February - to discuss about new and innovative airport facilities to best meet the ever changing demands of the consumer of the future. “What consumers really want” is the title of the 17th edition of this world’s leading event, attracting over 400 delegates from Europe, Australia, United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates. The conference, organised by Airport Council International, which represents some 400 airports in 45 European countries, in cooperation with Garda Airports, is a long-expected event for airport commercial executives concerned with the improvement of the industry: partners involved are from retail, food and beverage, telecommunications, media, car rental, travel services and more. “During recent years, - explained chief executive of Verona and Brescia airports, Claudio Boccardo - the recourses collected from non-air related services has been precious and deserve the highest enhancement, since they can accomplish two aims: good revenue for the airport and complete support during their waiting time for the passengers. If we consider that the travel starts right at the moment when a passenger enters the terminal, it is clear that our efforts should aim at welcome the consumers meeting their selective and diverse requirements, that have been even increased with the low cost flight services. Being interested to better understand these trends, this year we are hosting in Verona an event, which is a must for the airport retail industry. The experience of other terminals offering high-end consumer services and entertainment will help us increase our airport opportunities”. After Montecarlo and before Porto in Portugal, Verona will be the setting for the conference. “This is an unmissable opportunity – stated Catullo president, Fabio Bortolazzi - to show our city’s attractions to high level representatives from 45 different Countries. The conference programme in fact includes a tour through the heart of Verona, a visit of the Galleria di Arte Moderna di Palazzo Forti and of the Gran Guardia Palace for the Gala dinner”. The opening section will be held on Tuesday at 9 at the PalaExpo of Veronafiere by Aci Europe General Director, Olivier Jankovec, and Verona and Brescia Airports General Manager, Claudio Boccardo