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Aeroporto Catullo Spa shareholder assembly approved this morning the new articles of association. The aim of this extraordinary session was to adjust the association rules to article 1, paragraph 729, of law 296 approved by Minister Lanzillotta. With over 91 per cent of shareholders present, the assembly approved the new text and Valerio Catullo Board of Directors has been given the task to call an ordinary assembly by no later then 20th January 2008. On that date the shareholders will vote the new Board of Directors members according to the newly approved statute. In accordance with the rules contained in law 296, the shareholders also decided to immediately adjust counsellors remuneration according to the new parameters given by the financial law. Main Statute modification includes the change of the members number: instead of 15, the number of members will be included between five and seven. Furthermore, a maximum of five members will be local public authorities. Administrators will be elected from lists provided by holders – either alone or together with other shareholders – holding at least 8 per cent of company capital. Further changes are expected for the Executive committee, passing from five to four members, including president.