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In 2002 the best results of the last 3 years

Year 2002 closed with very favourable results for Garda Lake Airports.The complex includes Valerio Catullo of Verona Villafranca and Gabriele D'Annunzio of Brescia Montichiari airports.

The biggest increases in traffic of the last three years have been registered in the period October – December.
Altogether, as far as the twelve months January-December the data are better not only regarding 2001 but also 2000.
This confirms that the crisis of the aerial transport, caused by September 11 and by Linate disaster in the following October, has been overcome.Inclusively, during 2002 2,493,386 passengers went through Garda Lake Airports.
This means an increase of 1.24%25 compared to 2001 and 1.4%25 compared to 2000. 11.000 tons of goods have been transported with an increase of 24,9%25 compared to 2001 and of 36.37%25 compared to 2000.
The flights operated in the two airports have been little less than 50.000, with an increase of 2.13%25 compared the past year and 21.94%25 compared to 2000.
The development of Brescia airport has been particularly meaningful. 307,598 passengers meaning an increase of 11.95%25 compared to 2001 and of 86.61%25 compared to 2000. The energy of Verona airport is confirmed by the number of passengers equal to 2.185.788 aligned to the previous year traffic, in spite of the crisis in this field.
The general manager of the Garda Lake Airports Mauro Marrocu said: the figures confirm the energy of Brescia airport, which , in a year very difficult for civil aviation, increased its traffic volumes in a meaningful way.
This confirms the correctness of the industrial plan focused on chartered flights and low cost flights.
As far as Verona Catullo airport - Marrocu explains – it should be at the 10 position in the national scale and at the 2nd place for chartered flights at the end of 2002.
The year-end data are very positive because, also in a crisis context, they confirm the 2000 results.
They signal, moreover, a trend of resumption facilitated by the chartered flights during the summer season and from scheduled flights in winter with rates of increase that, in recent months, oscillated between the 30 and 50%.Also the first figures of 2003 are satisfactory.In the first two weeks of January the passengers traffic and the flights traffic to Verona increased of 38%.