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Long weekend rates (3 days) 25 €


New services developed in collaboration with the Consumers Association: new rates, new signage and dedicated staff to meet the passengers.

Verona, 18 July 2012 - Verona Airport launches new parking price plan, giving the opportunity to choose among four  different parking options. They are also clearly identifiable solutions, facilitating the best choice according every need. Convenience follows comfort and safety of airport parking.

The pricing has been simplified and made user-friendly, with four different stay options (Short-Stop & Go, Premium, Medium-Long Stay, Low Cost) into which the different parking areas have been divided with a specific color code (respectively: blue, gold, green, orange), also reported on signage and parking, to make it easier for the customers to choose the most suitable solution. The new rates will come into force on last weekend of July .

Until today the rates plan varied for each of the nine airport parking, identified with a code (P1, P1bis, P2, P2bis etc.).
Identification parking codes (P1, P1bis, P2, P2bis etc.) remain in place for regular users, but they will be joined by color codes identifying the parking different four options, to guide the customer in the selection of rate according to the price and duration of the stay in the parking space.
Linking the price to the parking type instead of to the parking  code is by far more immediate for the customer to identify the most suitable car park, from the most convenient (eg., the Low Cost parking) to the most expensive but close to terminal (Premium).
The new solution, designed to improve service and tariffs, was reached after a comparison with the best benchmark national and international airports and after a collaboration with consumer associations that produced a memorandum of understanding signed by  airport with  ADICONSUM, FEDERCONSUMATORI, LEGA CONSUMATORI and MOVIMENTO CONSUMATORI, giving new solutions to improve the quality of the services offered to passengers.

After analyzing the competitors and accepting the suggestions from the consumer associations , to improve the service, in terms of tariff plan, the following conditions have been applied:
- First 10 minutes free entry into all parkings (now also in Short Stop Parking), to facilitate the loading and unloading of passengers by accompanying persons.
- 30 minutes to exit the Low Cost parking  since the payment has been made
- Standardization of the first 3 hours of parking, the same in all car parks, allowing an accompanying persons, who generally uses the car park for a few hours, to choose the most convenient for his own needs.
In order to better assist passengers and their accompaying persons arriving by car to the airport, along the access road to the terminal, there is dedicated staff to offer a first welcome, to give directions and to facilitate the identification of the most suitable parking.

It will also be available, with the new rate plan, the online pre-booking and the payment at the airport, with a 10% discount ( If you choose to pay online, a code will be issued during payment to be inserted on the pedestal of access to the parking lot. Once arrived at the airport, you can go directly to the chosen parking, leave your car and walk to the terminal. The same on return, without going to the cashpoint to carry out the payment.
Airport parking is conveniently located near the terminal, you can directly choose the park place, keep your car keys (the opposite of what happens in the parking lots outside the airport, managed by third parties, where it is required to leave the keys on deposit, to move the vehicle during the parking period). Starting from August in airport parking (especially medium and long term parking) a luggage transport service will be available, at additional charge.
With the cooperation of the airlines, we can offer promotional packages combining special flights rates to the cost of parking during certain periods of the year. Long weekend (Friday to Sunday)  rates at 25 euro are already available  in all parkings, except Low Cost and Short Stops.

For further information:

Sara Biasi
Public Relations and Press Office Manager
Garda Airports -  Verona and Brescia
ph  +39 045 8095784
fax +39 045 8095455