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                                                                                                                                                Press Release

                                    VOLOTEA CONTINUES TO BET ON VENETO 

        The airline increases its offer at Catullo airport with 378,000 on sale (+119% vs 2014)
             and announces new connections with Cagliari, Naples, Tirana and Chisinau . 
        The new base will have 2 aircrafts and it will generate over further 50 direct jobs.

Verona, 11th June 2015 - Volotea, the low cost airline which connects cities of small and medium size, keeps betting on Veneto, announcing today the choice of Verona as its seventh hub in Europe. Starting from 3rd of November, in fact, Verona Airport will become a new hub of the airline, joining the Italian (Venice and Palermo), French (Nantes, Bordeaux and Strasbourg) and Spanish bases (Asturie). There will be 2 aircrafts at the new base, where it is currently possible to take off to 5 destinations: Bari, Catania, Palermo and the summer 2015’s new flights to Alghero and Brindisi. And for the future the airline announces new connections with Naples and Cagliari and its first international routes from Verona to Tirana and Chisinau (Moldavia). 
 “The choice of Verona as our new base in Italy was natural and spontaneous, because Verona is a city where we have grown up a lot in these last three years and it has great opportunities for future developments - Carlos Muñoz, President and Founder of Volotea has stated -. We consider the recent building of the airport in the North-East area and the solid relationship with Venice airport, which allow us to speed up our plans for development in Veneto. As it happened with Marco Polo Airport, we want to become the reference airline at Catullo, offering a network of destinations wider than the other airlines working in the airport and longing for the first rank in 2016.”
And speaking about investments for the future and of the relationships with the airport in the North-East area, the airline has decided to promote Catullo at the rank of its seventh European base. “Our aim is to be as a reliable, comfortable and low cost reality – keeps going on Muñoz -. Our offer, in fact, is characterised by competitive prices, direct connections, great politeness and punctuality. In 2015 we will sell 378,000 seats, distributed on more than 3,000 flights. (+119% vs 2014)”.
Volotea distinguishes itself for its strategy of connecting only airports of small and medium size, with direct flights. The results accomplished by Volotea at Catullo airport are great, and there have been more than 300,000 passengers transported by the airline since the start of its flights from this airport. “In Verona we want  to send out a strong and decisive signal: Volotea is determined to keep investing in this area, extending its offer, developing an even richer carnet of options. With the opening of our new base we will be able to guarantee two daily connections with Catania for the entire winter season. During Christmas holidays new connections with Naples (daily frequency from 17th December to 11th January) and to Cagliari (available 3 days per week, from 18th December to 11th January, and the nit will continue in Spring) will be added to the flights to Bari and Palermo. In the end, on Christmas, we will begin flying from Verona foreign countries, with two routes to Tirana (two flights per week from 17th December) and to Chisinau (operating two days per week, from 18th December to 10th January, and then again in April). 
Volotea fleet consists of 19 Boeing 717s, 11 of them allocated in the 3 Italian bases of the airline. All the aircrafts have 5 seats per row (2+3), in total 125 seats per aircraft. This type of aircraft, extremely spacious and comfortable, allows passengers to feel a great standard of comfort during the flight, for a even more relaxing experience.
“With the opening of our new base in Verona lots of job opportunities will become true - keeps going on Muñoz - at least 50 jobs as pilots and onboard staff, plus a Base Manager coordinating all activities. We must not forget job opportunities generated by touristic flows at the airport and also indirect opportunities emerging in the next few months.”
 “Volotea has grown up step by step with great results in Verona, through a strengthened partnership, extended to the territory up to Garda lake and the Dolomites - Paolo Arena, president of Verona airport has added-. Volotea opens new opportunities of touristic and economic growth for our area. The airline has shown great attention for important assets such as Fondazione Arena and Veronafiere, in fact we are planning collaboration projects with them. The development of Volotea will involve all the catchment area of the airport, because the potentials of our territory can speed the traffic growth, if put in place together. “
“Volotea base of Verona represents an important achievement for Catullo airport in the North-East area, and in a short period of time, thanks to an effective group work and the strategy of differentiation and integration, is rising and intensifying its reference role for a wide range of users”-  states Enrico Marchi, president of SAVE- . “ The network of flights guaranteed by Volotea, our strong partner since long time ago, is giving importance to Catullo airport, with the increase of destinations and seats offered, gaining a central position to an area which can progressively count on its reference airport.  We have to remember that Volotea has immediately and with foresight chosen our territory for starting business with its first base in Venice airport.

Since April 2012, more than 5 millions of passengers have been able to plan their shifts in Europe thanks to Volotea fleet: an important success, which gives hope to the future development of the airline. Volotea has set itself an important goal for the next 5 years: “In 2015 we will transport 2.5 millions of passengers – said Muñoz. - We want to reach 20 millions of passengers by the end of 2018. In order to carry out this, we will extend our fleet with at least 4 more aircrafts per year, which on one hand will increase our energies on more than 150 already effective routes, and on the other hand will add 40 new connections every year.”

VOLOTEA is the new low cost airline, reliable, timely and comfortable, which connects medium and small cities, often lacking direct and low cost flights. Volotea offers low prices, ensuring a wonderful travel experience, with a polite staff, booked seats and the comfort of a wide  aircraft like Boeing 717 with only 5 seats per row (2+3). Volotea operates in 17 Italian airports: Alghero, Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, Cagliari, Catania, Genoa, Lampedusa, Milan-Bergamo, Naples, Olbia, Palermo, Pantelleria, Pisa, Turin, Venice and Verona. Its operating bases in Europe are in Italy (Venice - Marco Polo and Palermo)  and France (Nantes, Bordeaux and Strasbourg) and in Spain (Asturie). Tickets can be bought on the website (, calling the call center number 895 895 4404 or in travel agencies. A special attention is paid for the customer services in all the phases, both land and on board.

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