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                                IBERIA EXPRESS PRESENTS IN VERONA 
                                        THE NEW ROUTE TO MADRID

From 2nd June, the low cost company of Iberia Group will offer three direct flights to Madrid from “Valerio Catullo” Airport.
Thanks to this new route, passengers can reach other 14 national destinations via Madrid, in addiction to two destinations in Africa and five destinations in South America.
Verona, 5th May 2015 - Iberia Express will inaugurate a new destination in Italy. Today, during a press conference in Verona, The Low Cost of Iberia Group presented its new route to Madrid, which will be then operative by 2nd of June.

The route Verona-Madrid will be operative for all the summer, with three weekly frequencies: on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Departures are at 3.05 pm or 9.00 pm from Verona and at 12.15 pm or 6.10 pm from Madrid, depending on days.
Tickets for Madrid are now on sale at, and the other Iberia Group sales channels. This destination is offered at a special price of 39 euros each way, taxes included, if you purchase before 30th of June.
Thanks to this new route, passengers will be able to reach, via Madrid, with Iberia Group other 14 domestic destinations such as: Tenerife, Grand Canary, Santiago de Compostela, Seville, Alicante, Bilbao and many others. Furthermore, you can fly and reach two destinations in Africa and five destinations in South America.
Besides Verona, in June Iberia Express will also inaugurate another Italian destination: Naples.
Tickets for Naples are now on sale with prices starting at 49 euros each way (when buying a round trip).
In total, Iberia Group offers direct flights to 10 destinations in Italy: Bologna, Florence, Naples, Milan, Rome, Turin and Venice all year long, and Catania, Olbia and Verona in the summer season.
With the new routes to Verona and Naples of Iberia Express, Iberia Group strengthens its position in the Italian market and improves network connectivity with a wide range of destinations, as Giulio Manunta, Revenue & Pricing Manager of Iberia Express ensures.
Paolo Arena, president of Verona Airport, stressed the importance of the connection which responds to the requests of a significant traffic segment not yet properly covered. “The flight follows the commercial strategy of Verona, which aims to increase the number of direct connections between European cities and to guarantee connections with main hub, like Madrid, offering a wide range of alternatives to fly all around the world. The new flight - underlined the president - in conjunction with EXPO and supported also by the promotional activity supported by Regione Veneto, the Chamber of Commerce with Verona Airport and Fondazione Arena, will give a boost to the growth of tourists from Spain. In 2013 almost 600,000 of Spanish tourists came to Veneto. It is a market with a very high potential, if properly supported. 
The president has stressed also the fact that this year Verona is linked to Spain through direct flights to Madrid and also to Barcelona. Spain is the second market for imports in Verona (about 935 millions of euros in 2014) and the fifth market for exports of products of Verona  (404 millions of euros in 2014). Clothes and machines are exported there. On the other hand, from Spain Verona imports cars, raw materials and products for the agroindustrial sector.
Tickets for Madrid are available on line at, and other Iberia Group sales channels.
Iberia Express, a subsidiary of Iberia, operates short and medium-haul routes and provides direct traffic as well as feeding Iberia's long-haul network. Iberia Express is a member of Oneworld, an alliance of eleven airlines, offering 14,000 flights per day to around 1,000 destinations in 150 countries. During the first quarter of 2015 too, Iberia Express has been the most punctual low cost airline in the world, as its first place gained in 2014, according to the reports produced by the consulting company FlightStat