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Enac certified Brescia Montichiari Airport operations with Boeing 747-8, the "Jumbo Jet", the larger aircraft in its class

Enac certified Brescia Montichiari Airport operations with Boeing 747-8, the "Jumbo Jet", the larger aircraft in its class

Brescia Montichiari joined the group of airports certified for Boeing 747-8 aircraft operations. Enac (the Italian National Civil Aviation Authority) certified the compatibility of airport infrastructures with the technical characteristics of Boing 747-8 aircraft used for cargo transport, after having reviewed and approved the study submitted by the Management Company and having checked the possible use of Montichiari Airport infrastructures by aircrafts with such features, with specific procedures.

This aircraft, with the same maximum takeoff weight, needs less runway to take off than the B 747-400 (smaller in size) and this can commercially benefit a runway like that in Montichiari of about 3000 meters. There are around two hundred airports in the world compatible for these type of aircraft, which have maneuverability limits due to their size and lift and require runways with specific characteristics. Provided with more powerful engines than previous models, 747-8 are more efficient and have a range up to 14,815 km. It is offered in both passenger version, the "747-8 Intercontinental", and cargo version, the "747-8 Freighter".

The study conducted to check the compatibility of airport infrastructures with this type of aircraft is part of the strategy to specialize in cargo traffic, which the Management Company has outlined and on which is working for its implementation. Brescia Airport is already home for operations with Antonov 124 (another giant cargo of the skies) and B 747-400. Brescia is the sixth national airport for goods handled, managing the 4.17% of national traffic. Brescia is also national hub of "Poste Italiane" (the Italian Mail Service) due to the high specialization of the airport in the handling services and in the ramp handling.

Brescia Airport, along with Verona Airport, is part of the "Garda Airports System". Equipped with a 3,000-meter runway, with technology capable of performing customs practices electronically, with new infrastructure used for cargo handling (a 6,500-sqm warehouse and a 3,500-sqm tent structure), the airport is also equipped with facilities for the handling of passenger traffic. It can operate 24 hours non-stop in CAT IIIB.

IATA (International Air Transport Association), in the latest outlook, confirms the fragility of the results in the traffic sector. Despite the global record growth of 5.2% of freight traffic in February, the various regions grow with contrasting signals. In fact, cargo traffic in Italy fell by -5,5% in the first two months, with the two main hub (Malpensa and Fiumicino) suffering, while minor airports register positive signs, including Brescia, which increased by +13%. In this last month, the total cargo-handling in Brescia grew by 47.8% compared to the last year.

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