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Airport of Verona. Christmas wherever you want. More flights have been added during the Festivities with 27 incoming charter flights and 40 outgoing flights from 26 December 2011 to 02 January 2012

Airport of Verona. Christmas wherever you want. More flights have been added during the Festivities with 27 incoming charter flights and 40 outgoing flights from 26 December 2011 to 02 January 2012

Verona, 13 December 2011 – with a symbolic Christmas Tree Lighting, held in the area in front of the Departure Terminals, the Airport of Verona inaugurates the new Christmas season's connections thanks to the collaboration with Bauli Spa and with Flover Srl. for the new and special Christmas decorations.

Forty charter connections have been added for this season with flights to 17 destinations dedicated to sea lovers and 27 flights from Great Britain and Russia that will be bringing tourists on the territory from where they may continue their journey towards winter resorts and towns of artistic interest.

The "Ski Fly Shuttle" is back again until the end of the season. Tourists arriving at the Catullo airport can book this shuttle to take them to the most important winter resorts. For bookings and information, contact the call centre: +39 0461 391111 or visit the website:

Possible solutions are being investigated, thanks to the collaboration with Confcommercio Trentino, regarding possible solutions to organise the departures and arrivals of those passengers using the accommodation structures on the territory on other days than the weekends which is what happens now. This would allow the airport to offer a better service by avoiding the intense traffic on Saturdays and Sundays, offering the passengers a greater flexibility to plan their holiday dates and welcoming the charter flights, sold as flight+hotel packages by tour operators, even on other days than Saturday and Sunday.

"The partnership with the Airport of Verona – explains Giovanni Bort, President of Confcommercio Trentino – is important to integrate our territories in a sole and extremely competitive touristic system, a capital of efficient and modern infrastructures allowing people and goods to flow fast and easily, an indispensable requirement for the development of the economy in an area like the Northeast, a crucial point for our country."

President Paolo Arena adds: "We are working towards making the Airport be the centre of the territory again so it can serve and be a motor propeller for the local economy. We wish that it levels up to the extraordinary wealth and dynamics of the area. Verona is the fourth touristic city in Italy, and has five Unesco heritage sites at just an hour's drive from the Airport".

"We want to be – continues President Arena – at the service of the enterprises and of their dynamicity. The relaunching of the Airport takes place through the territory. This week more flights are added to those already available in view of the holiday season. Two important local companies, Bauli and Flover, have taken part in the realization of the Christmas decorations, marking the beginning of a collaboration that the Airport is hoping to develop."

Among those confirming their presence at the Christmas Tree Lighting event are: Erminia Perbellini, City council member for Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Verona, Ruggero Pozzani, City council member for Tourism for the Province of Verona, Mario Faccioli, Mayor of Villafranca, Giuseppe Residori, vice- mayor of the Municipality of Sommacampagna, as well as Roberta Carli, Director of Enac and Dottor Andrea Rasi, Frontier State Police at the Airport of Verona. Almost 2600 flights are scheduled for the next four weeks leaving from Catullo Airport for domestic and international destinations. Sicily and Rome are reached thanks to flights operated by Gruppo Meridiana fly - Air Italy, Wind Jet, Alitalia, Ryanair, are established main domestic traffic operators. Thanks to three daily flights to Munich and three daily flights to Frankfurt Air Dolomiti/Lufthansa is an established leading airline connecting with Germany, reached also by the Air Berlin flights to Berlin and Düsseldorf.

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