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Presentation of the "Verona University and Airport" agreement

Presentation of the "Verona University and Airport" agreement

New opportunities for domestic and international mobility for the Veronese university and for promotion of the Veronese territory

"Travel doesn't merely broaden the mind, it makes it". Bruce Chatwin wrote this and the concept appropriately expresses the spirit of the new synergy between the Verona University and Airport sealed with an agreement which offers new opportunities to the entire Veronese University community. "Univr Go!, catch the flight with your university and the Verona airport" ( is the slogan for the new project which will be launched at a special event on Wednesday, November 30th at 8:30 PM in the Polo Zanotto. The comic trio "I Mancio e Stigma" will take the stage in the assembly hall, better know as the "Emo", a hit act in the latest edition of the televised Zelig comedy show.

The event is promoted in cooperation with the Isu – International student union of Verona, and the participation of some of the major partners in the university airport such as: Meridiana Fly -Air Italy Group, Air Berlin, Neos and Msc Crociere. CTS (Student and Youth Tourism Centre) also has an active part in the project. CTS is a social promotion association recognised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. For almost 40 years it has established a direct dialogue with young people, being concerned with young mobility, now boasting around 220 thousand members and more than 150 branches around the territory. The Verona Chamber of Commerce is cooperating in the project. Sponsors of the project are: Cattolica Insurance, Crever Bank and Veneto Raceway.

The agreement. The University of Verona is strongly committed to broadening the horizons of its international contacts in order to provide the best educational and research opportunities. The University and the Airport are institutions which are both characterised by a strong domestic and international openness. Together they will promote and facilitate travel and the opportunity for students, professor, researchers, doctoral candidates and technical-administrative personnel to establish contact with the numerous foreign universities connected to the University of Verona. The exposure to other cultures, other places, including learning a foreign language, are element which have become indispensable for the educational portfolio that young people today must build in order to undertake any professional path. The University aims to stimulate the internationalisation of its students. The Airport is committed to developing and improving its service to the territory, in which the University is a leading player, in order to allow those who live in Verona to travel easily throughout the world for work, study and holiday, as well as to facilitate the incoming flow of travellers. Each trip can be an experience of knowledge and growth, opening new relationships and opportunities to compare notes.

With the goal of assisting travel opportunities and foreign study, the Airport and the University have developed a protocol of understanding which will allow the university students, doctoral candidates, teaching staff, technical and administrative staff to enjoy special promotions when they choose to fly from the Verona airport.

In addition to the community of the Veronese university, in 2012 the universities in the Garda airport basin will also be involved (Brescia, Mantova, Vicenza, Trento, Bolzano) as well as the European cities that have direct connections with the Garda Airports, thanks to the international relationships which the University has through the Erasmus and exchange programmes. Through the mapping of direct connections from Verona and the active agreements between the universities, domestic and European convergences have already been identified. They are, for example, Rome, Catania, Bari, Berlin, Düsseldorf, London, Madrid, Paris, Frankfurt and Monaco.

The Airport has involved the major airlines operating out of it (Air Berlin, Meridiana fly-Air Italy Group, Neos) which will offer the university world special fares to travel from Verona.

University travellers will be VIP guests for the Airport. By registering free of charge for a card called "Card for you – Univr Go!", the university community will be able to use the airport VIP lounge and the "fast track" service, which grants rapid access to the security checks for one year, as well as enjoying special discounts on parking and in the airport shops. Also, for those who register for the card early, Zandonai Editore has made 200 copies of its catalogue available free of charge.

The "Emo", from Zelig to the university. "Univrgo!" will be launched with a special event on Wednesday, November 30th at 8:30 PM in the Polo Zanotto assembly hall. Entry is free, until 8:15 PM reserved for students with invitation coupons which will be distributed from 25 November at the reception facilities of the school. The meeting will be preceded at 7:00 PM in the Polo Zanotto atrium by the "Univr Go!" showcase with a stand of the airlines and the project sponsors. After introducing the Univr Go institutional partners and sponsors, the atmosphere will be warmed by involving the audience in games and prizes reserved for the three year and teaching degree students. Protagonists will be "I Mancio e Stigma", the "Emo" from Zelig, one of the most popular acts from the latest edition of the extremely popular television show.