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Termination of the second work phase giving more room for check-in desks and services Works suspended because of intense summer activity
A little more than a year since the opening of the new boarding area and security check-points, the second phase of the renovations for 2.500 square meters of Catullo departure terminal has also come to an end. Thanks to this new reorganisation, passengers will now count on a much larger area for check-in both for scheduled and charter flights. To this end a new check-in desk for tour operators has been arranged and all the 40 desks have been positioned together in the same area, not in two different terminals as happened or the 34 desks last summer. The works removal also allowed to definitely position the nine security check points and thus create a larger space for the boarding gates. Thanks to the renovation works an additional surface of 500 square meters has been destined to the shopping area, which is today more and more strategic and important for the managing company and also offers an essential service with a wider range of products for passengers. “This operation has radically modified space usability in our airport – commented general director Claudio Boccardo. – The departing passengers have today a completely different space feeling. This reorganisation will also make us ready for the passengers growing trend after the current crisis”. Along with the works in the passengers area, a 600 square meters office block could also be built on the first floor of the terminal thanks to the structural and anti-seismic adjustments carried out last year during the first renovation phase in the departure area. Also attending at the today meeting the undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport Bartolomeo Giachino, who president Bortolazzi wanted to thank publicly for his hospitality in Rome – together with the management team of the Italian Air Force and the undersecretaries Giorgetti, Brancher and Crosetto. The summit permitted to better ride out the current transition phase for the travel space control at Catullo airport.