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New service areas for the terminal development
The Ministry of Defence, together with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Ministry of Economy and Finance, signed yesterday the Decree, which made Verona Villafranca a civil airport. This interministerial decree also confirmed that some areas, which were previously belonging to the Air Force, have now become property of the civil airport. The first areas that will to be converted into Catullo property are already in use as service areas at the terminal: the runway, the taxiway and some other plots near the control tower. Additional areas will be included such as the so called “Margherita nord” and the neighbouring areas that are facing the present apron from the opposite side of the runway. “This is for us an opportunity that cannot be renounced, since it will allow us to make arrangements on the long run and define development and investment plans for the next 40 years” declared Fabio Bortolazzi, the president of Catullo Spa. This status changing decree “can make us obtain our permission from the National Audit Office and quietly develop future projects for the terminal”. “For a long time – continued the president – we had been waiting for this decree and local board members and politicians did their best to obtain it. Among them we particularly wish to thank the undersecretary Alberto Giorgetti, who managed to speed up and bring to and end this delicate matter.” The possible enlargement of Catullo, as already explained the shareholders during their assembly last May, may just occupy the 60 hectare large land called “Margherita nord”, with the aim to provide the terminal with larger operational space. Catullo Spa has foreseen an overall investment of 150 Million Euros for next five years development plan. This interministerial decree also established that, with times and conditions still to be defined, air traffic assistance services for Verona airport will now pass from Air Force control to the direct care of ENAV (Italian Company for Air Navigation Services), as for the majority of Italian airports.