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 Deep concern for the airport system

The Executive Committee of ASSAEROPORTI – Association of Italian Airport Operators – met today to discuss, among other matters, about the present issues related to Alitalia saving plan, as emerges in the press.

ASSAEROPORTI, besides discerning the delicate situation of the air travel industry today, which appears to be a consequence of the well-known affairs related to the reorganization and re-launch of Alitalia, wishes to express its discomfort and concern with particular regards to the credits that Italian airport managing companies owed from the air carriers Alitalia and Air One.

This uneasiness is even stronger, if we consider that the procedure to be followed for the payment of assistance services to the carriers is still to be clarified.
A solution that may hold back the payment of both matured and maturing credits, and that may not grant equal treatment to all creditors, would definitely further aggravate the yet difficult economic situation that are facing airport managing companies, which is also due to the delay in updating the tariff system and to the announced network restructuring of the airline on various Italian airports.

ASSAEROPORTI is then revealing a deep concern for the airport industry, which, it is worth remembering, directly employs a staff of over 15.000 people and is the key to provide an essential public service such as air transportation.

That being so, the Executive Committee of ASSAEROPORTI


The Prime Minister
The Minister of Transport
The Appointed Commissioner
The Management of the New Airline   

to urgently arrange a new assembly, during which ALL parts may articulate their problems and define the essential steps to be followed in order to safeguard the airport system and be able to grant the necessary service level and investments for its enhancement and avoid a dangerous destabilization of airport business and of air transport as a whole.