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34 weekly frequencies will fly to Rome and allow to go further to other
23 domestic and 54 internationaldestinations


On 30 March 2008, Alitalia new summer schedule will come into force. The network for the 2008 summer season has been defined in fulfilment with the guidelines set out in the 2008-2010 Business Plan approved by the Board of Directors in September. According to the Plan, the new network design is the first action that can’t be deferred.

Main changes for the new Alitalia network
The 2008 coming summer season will be concerned with a number of actions  carried out on all levels (Domestic, International, Intercontinental). Such actions mainly consist in:

  • choosing Roma Fiumicino as the main reference hub. Right in the middle of Italy this airport is a “natural” catchment area for traffic and will allow Alitalia to best exploit Rome’s special features as a large destination market and natural point of inter-connection for Italian traffic and North-South routes;
  • suspending flights on non-remunerative routes and increasing connections and frequencies;
  • re-launching the Alitalia brand in Italy and worldwide, in line with the new network positioning.

Increasing the flight frequencies  
Alitalia’s 2008 network is foreseeing a reduction in the number of destinations and an increase in terms of flights number, with growth concentrated on Rome. Weekly flights taking off from Fiumicino will pass from 1,406 to 1,601. Overall, the Company’s network will consist in the following connections:

  • domestic market: 24 destinations, 44 routes, 1,265 weekly frequencies;
  • international market: 45 destinations, 73 routes, 928 weekly frequencies;
  • intercontinental market: 14 destinations, 17 routes, 101 weekly frequencies.


Main reasons of the new network for the foreign market

  • Focusing the network on the main originating markets for travel from/to Italy: United States, Canada, Japan, South America and the Mediterranean area.
  • Valorising Rome as a natural gateway destination for traffic to Italy and the Mediterranean area.  
  • Re-opening the historical Rome-Los Angeles route (also under study, the increase on Rome-Brazil connections starting from the 2008 winter season).
  • Malpensa remains a key airport for Alitalia passenger transport, with a network design which, for the first time, is fully concentrated on the needs of traffic flow from/to Milan. Malpensa also becomes a reference point for cargo transport.

Main changes for travellers flying from Verona
The Alitalia network re-definition for the 2008 summer season will significantly respond to the needs of Alitalia customers, and particularly for those leaving from airport Valerio Catullo.

From Verona, Alitalia will operate with 34 weekly flights to Rome Fiumicino, that will be carried out with modern Jet aircrafts.

Alitalia network will then allow its passengers to continue their air travel from Rome to 23 domestic destinations and 54 other worldwide destinations.

In details, Verona airport will offer following air connections:

  • 5 direct daily connections to Rome from Monday to Saturday (4 on Sundays), with even more comfortable flying times during the day. Leaving for Rome any day starting from 7.05 to 19.15 and flying back to Verona until 21.25 makes same-day business travels easier.   
  • From Rome,  passengers may choose to proceed their flight to other destinations: 23 in Italy, 30 in Europe, 5 in North Africa, 5 in the Middle East, 7 in North America, 3 in Centre-South America, 2 in Japan, 2 in Africa.



  • Two new Alitalia destinations are available via Rome: Los Angeles and Cagliari.

A new marketing approach to re-establish Alitalia traditional link with Italy
Alitalia’s market positioning also depends on re-launching the Alitalia brand through a number of actions.
In Italy, the main ones are:

  • national and regional advertising campaign, aimed at informing customers based in Veneto about the features of Alitalia network;
  • setting about new focused on the three-colour flag images to complete Alitalia brand design system;
  • re-launching the new edition of the Millemiglia programme, which from January 1 is more advantageous for frequent flyers, confirming its reputation as “top generous programme”.

In the World, the main actions are:

  • advertising campaigns in the main countries served by Alitalia, aimed at promoting the offer of flights to Rome and the many connections to the rest of Italy, among which are Verona and Veneto region;
  • press conferences abroad on the new network;
broadening commercial agreements with foreign markets.