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This morning Enac – The Italian Civil Aviation Authority - awarded Valerio Catullo S.p.A with the renewal of the “Airport Certificate”: attesting that Verona airport is fully compliant with national and international regulations concerning civil air transport. The airport certification is valid for three years and was firstly obtained by Catullo in November 2004, after undergoing technical inspections in order to attest its compliance with the “Regulations for Airport Construction and Operation” of ENAC and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). This acknowledgment means that “Catullo infrastructure and operative procedures have once again proved to be in line with all security requirements; - underlined Antonio Zerman, main technical director, - This is a confirmation that our airport is properly organised, all responsibilities are well distributed and security recourses are carefully allocated”. “This document - maintained president Fabio Bortolazzi – is not an ordinary piece of paper to be stored in a drawer, but a live instrument to be used for the constant and daily implementation of our airport quality system”. Catullo structure – stated chief executive Claudio Boccardo – “has significantly grown along the last two years and its development rate is a guarantee for all passengers, as Enac certified today”. The certification was delivered by Virginio Bagassi, director of Operazioni Venezia (Venice Operations) of ENAC, and Maurizio Griletti, responsible for Enac certification team, to Catullo president Fabio Bortolazzi, in the presence of the appointed Post Holders Doriano Brutti, Alberto Carli and Michele Adami. “Verona airport more then other terminals has promptly and professionally reacted to our requirements” admitted Grilletti, who had personally supervised all inspection procedures; “Inspections that were not just bureaucratic verifications and paperwork – pointed out director Bagassi – but real control operations aiming at a constant enhancement of service levels”