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NEW SHORT-PARKING AREAS AND FINES FOR UNDISCIPLINED TRAVELLERS AT AIRPORT VALERIO CATULLO The new summer season has started and Valerio Catullo airport is pleased to announce that the works on the rest areas opposite the departure terminal are being completed. After the first opening of the new road ways to the airport by Easter Holidays last April, the short-stop parking areas opposite the departure building have now been finished and further expanded. Short parking in this area is free for the first 15 minutes, so that accompanied travellers can easily unload their luggage and leave their relatives and friends without any traffic interruption. Expecting a high increase in passenger number during summer months, the airport managing company Valerio Catullo Spa has signed an agreement with the Municipal Police Force of both municipalities Sommacampagna and Villafranca, in order to establish a better road traffic control in the areas nearby the terminals. The Police Force will then arrange preliminary actions in order to avoid any traffic interruption, as well as punitive actions in case of vehicles standing outside the parking places, including vehicle towing. Catullo spa also informs that for the coming summer season the parking areas have been further improved from last year’s introduction of the 3 Euros a day low cost parking tariff. The number of parking places has been increased in this area, as well as in the P1 area (opposite the departure terminal), which is going to be completed and opened within the next ten days. For an easy access to the 4.000 available parking places, the airport invites all passengers to visit its website Complete information can be clearly attained just from the homepage links: parking maps, tariffs, real time up-dated availability and on-line parking reservation.