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Airports “Sistema del Garda” presented today to the press the program “Operazione Simpatia” (Operation Kindness), a promotional initiative created by Assaeroporti and supported by Catullo’s President, Fulvio Cavalleri, who is also the Vice-president of Assaeroporti.

The program is focused on passengers service commitment and its main target is the increase in air passengers,  which is still at low levels in Italy in comparison with the European average rate.

Maturi per volare” (Mature for flying) is the first initiative promoted by the program, to which Verona and Brescia take part together with other Italian airports. As the goal is to  increase the number of young passengers, this national prize competition is open to all Italian 18-year-olds who have passed their maturity examination last year. The competition offers 600 round flight tickets to various European destinations and will be opened from 15th to 22nd March 2007. During this period the contenders can send their application form from the website
To apply for the competition, the contenders have to choose the airport they want to leave from in case they win the prize and they are free to chose one that is not in their region or town. Only one application will be accepted from each contender.

A total of 60 vouchers are offered by Verona and Brescia airports. Two are the available destinations both operated by Ryanair: Frankfurt Hahn from Catullo and Barcelona from D’Annunzio. An advertising banner with link to the competition website is already up on the Verona and Brescia airport home page

The second initiative promoted by the program is called Airport Day and is focused on passengers service commitment at Italian airports. The event will be held next 4th April, when Verona and Brescia airports will welcome their passengers offering information and special entertainment that will be prepared for the occasion: an enjoyable and unconventional way to “experience” the airports. The airports are working on many special projects that will be revealed in the coming weeks. During the Airport Day the winners of the competition “Maturi per Volare” will be given their prizes, while information booklets with air tickets price details will be distributed to passengers according to the “Operazione Trasparenza Tariffe”  (Operation Transparent Tariffs) that is taking place the same day as well.