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The airport remains open during foggy days

Valerio Catullo Airport in Verona Villafranca upgrades its structures and widens its offers to passengers and companies.
The strongest effort regards the installation of a new fog system that will permit landing with a visibility until 75 meters. The limit has already been lowered from 600 to 200 metres.
When the system will be installed, hypotetically the airport will no more be closed because of fog. Last year the interruptions of the service have been 195 > 135 cancelled flights and 60 diverted flights with about 15.800 passengers involved
The investement for the new infrastructure has been 3,3 million euros and is part of a comprehensive plan of empowerment of the airport that will cost 50 million euros within 2005 and it will permit a yearly traffic of 3,5 million passengers.

The enlargements involve both aeronautical structures and the aerostation.
As far as aeronautical structures the extension of the track has been completed. This will permit the landing and take off of big fully loaded aircrafts Moreover the aircrafts parking has been widened and the new connection with the track has been completed.

A polifunctional garage to ricover and mantain aircrafts is under contruction. The complex will be ready within next summer.
Regarding the aerostation, works to build a new arrival terminal will begin next fall. The terminal will be effective starting from 2005.
Within next summer a new modular 1 floor car parking with 421 places will be effective.
All these initiatives are part of a global plan of expansion of Verona Valerio Catullo airport. After the negative effects of sept. 11, indeed it is having again a growth trend.
This has been confirmed by January results150.370 passengers with a growth of 45%25 compared to the same month in 2002.
This is also a growth result of 10,4%25 compared to January 2001.