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The new board of directors has been appointed

Today the Shareholders Meeting of the Company Valerio Catullo Airport of Verona Villafranca ltd appointed fifteen members of the new board of directors of Catullo Ltd.

Among them, the new Chairman, the lawyer Fulvio Cavalleri, and the vice-chairman Silvano Grisenti, city council member for transportation in Trento district.
Fulvio Cavalleri, civilist attorney, 48 years old, married with three sons, member of the Catullo board of directors since 1993, replaces Fernando Sanson, who, in his farewell message, gave thanks to the retiring Vice-chairman Giuseppe Belli, to all the board of directors and to the staff of Catullo company, all contributing in these years to the success of the new company.
The new Chairman Fulvio Cavalleri, joined Fernando Sanson in recognizing the good job done by the retiring board of directors and by all the staff of Catullo Ltd, and said: ''This Company requires a continuous effort, great passion and results, that I want to guarantee beginning right now, taking advantage of the precious contribution that this authoritative Board of directors will offer for sure.
Our main objectives are:
- to extend the concession for the total management to forty years (currently it has been fixed for a temporary period of three years);
- to support the development of Brescia Montichiari airport, for which the new company is working since few days ago;
- to increase the development of the profits, coming from non aeronautic activities, that are more and more important in the increase of the airport companies".

List of the Board of Directors:
Fulvio Cavalleri * Chairman
Silvano Grisenti Vice Chairman
Paolo Zanotto
Fabio Bortolazzi *
Maurizio Facincani
Alessandro Bianchi
Silvano Scevaroli
Paolo Zanelli
Luisa Martini *
Giovanni Marco Castellani *
Maurizio Marino
Michele Di Puppo *
Gianfranco Burchiellaro
Corrado Ghirardelli
Michele Pizzini

* Members of the previous board of directors of of Catullo Ltd