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Passenger Rights

Together with ENAC, the Verona airport monitors the quality of the services provided to passengers throughout their journeys. As the passenger's journey is made up of various stages involving different personnel and organizations (the departure airport, the arrival airport and the Airline), documents designed to protect the passenger's rights have been drawn up and can be consulted in this section.

The The Passenger Bill of Rights, issued by ENAC (the Italian Civil Aviation Authority), is designed to protect passengers and their baggage for the duration of the journey for which their carrier is responsible.

The Service Charter is the annual publication prepared by the Airport's Operator, based on the indications provided by ENAC (the Italian Civil Aviation Authority), in order to offer passengers and airport users an overview of the main reference standards for the airport's various activities.

Furthermore, the Verona airport is committed to assisting people with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility when travelling by air, and, for this purpose, employs qualified and properly trained personnel. In order to request assistance, please visit the Reduced Mobility section (go to the relevant page).