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The Decree no.1 of 24/01/2012, converted into law no. 27 of 24 March 2012, implementing the 2009/12/EC Directive on Airport Charges, entrusts the Italian Regulatory Authority for Transport (ART) with supervisory responsibilities and financial regulation tasks, including the approval of airport charging schemes and the level of charges themselves.

On 22/09/2014 ART published the new Tariff Models regulating the definition of rates for services supplied by Airport operators on an exclusive basis, as well as the process for sharing these rates with airport Users. The Tariff Model applied by Verona Villafranca airport is Model 2 – for airports with traffic between 3 and 5 million passengers per year

The Company "Aeroporto Valerio Catullo di Verona Villafranca Spa", concessionaire for the management and development of Verona Airport, has started the airport charges redefinition procedure for the period 2016-2019, with Bridge Year 2015 and Base Year 2014, according to the "Airport Charges Tariff Model for airports with traffic between 3 and 5 million passengers per year" (hereinafter "model 2") issued by ART. 

The revision of Verona airport charges is intended to support the investment plan put forward by the Company, partly already under way, scheduled during the regulatory period 2016-2019, as well as on the need to simplify the current airport charging scheme. On the whole, this plan will improve Verona airport’s infrastructures and their overall service quality, for better Users satisfaction. The planned development has been defined in such a way as to be fully sustainable as far as the environment and the safety/security are concerned, in compliance with the most advanced best-practices in airport operations.

According to the art. 3.2 and 3.3 of Model 2, on 15 June 2016 Aeroporto Valerio Catullo di Verona Villafranca Spa notified to ART to have scheduled for 24 June 2016 the launch of the Airport Users Consultation on the proposed revision of airport charges for the regulatory period 2016-2019.
By acknowledgement of notification receipt published by ART on its website (, the Users Consultation has been formally opened.

Verona Airport provides the "Consultation Document" containing, according to art. 4 of Model 2, the following information/documentation: 

  • Length of the regulatory period;
  • List of the services and infrastructures provided in the Base Year in return for the airport charges levied;
  • Overall cost structure and revenues in the Base Year with regards to the facilities and services which airport charges relate to and evidence of cost and revenues of non-regulated activities considered as unit;
  • Traffic forecasts for the regulatory period;
  • Methodology used for setting airport charges;
  • Efficiency mechanism and annual targets proposed for the regulatory period and impact on operating costs;
  • Evolution of the airport charges proposed for the regulatory period;
  • Proposal for charges simplifications and/or charges unifications for basket of services;
  • Proposal for charges breakdowns;
  • Quality and environmental plans;
  • Four-year investment plan;
  • Current airport capacity and limits for main airport infrastructures and equipment, both in the Base Year and during the regulatory period;
  • Investments for which incentive mechanisms apply;
  • Additional costs expected during the regulatory period for the application of the new legislative and regulatory provisions.    
How to access the relevant documentation
All documentation concerning the proposed revision of airport charges for the regulatory period 2016-2019 is available to users for the entire consultation period.
In compliance with Model 2, all the Users, who wish to receive information, clarifications, explanations and/or to access the documentation concerning the proposed revision of airport charges, are invited to:

  1. Please subscribe using the link below (New User? Subscribe) and wait for an email with the confidentiality agreement attached and with the istructions to proceed;
  2. Please send an email to with reference "Consultation Document" enclosing the confidentiality agreement duly filled and signed;
  3. Please wait for the personal credentials that will be sent by email and which will give access to the relevant documentation.

Verona Airport reserves the right to deny access to unqualified Airport Users.
In compliance with art. 2 no. 26 of Model 2, "Airport User" is defined as any person or corporate body carrying passengers, mail and/or freight by air to and from the airport involved in the Consultation procedure. 
Public hearing
According to art. 3.4.3 of Model 2 the public hearing has been scheduled for 25 July 2016 at 10.00 hours at Verona Airport's headquarter in Caselle di Sommacampagna, 37066 (VR) by Civil Air Terminal. 
In order to facilitate the organization of this event, Airport Users interested in attending the public hearing are kindly requested to confirm their participation within 18 July 2016 to the email address
According to art. 3.4.2 point 1 of Model 2 all participants must have a formalized authorization to attend the public hearing.

How to request information and/or send comments
Any information, clarifications and/or comments shall be sent to the person in charge of the Consultation Procedure, as specified below, to the email address In order to facilitate the organization of the public hearing, any comments must be received within 18 July 2016
Participation in the Consultation
In compliance with Art. 3.4.2 of Model 2, the representation of each User within the Consultation Procedure is determined according to WLU transported to/from Verona in the Base Year (2014). In order to set balanced and weighted representation criteria for each Airport User, as provided in subsection 3 of the above mentioned art. 3, the Company proposes to give representation also to Airlines which have already planned and formalized operations on Verona airport over the one-year period immediately following  present  Consultation Procedure.

Information according to art. 4.2 of Model 2
Interested Users are reminded that they are requested to send the following information as specified in art. 4.2 of Model 2 within 18 July 2016 to the email

  • Planning of their activities at Verona Airport during the regulatory period 2016 – 2019;
  • Modification / confirmation of the planned fleet during the regulatory period 2016 – 2019;
  • Any proposal for separation / breakdown of current regulated charges;
  • Traffic Forecasts during the regulatory period 2016 – 2019;

Any information and/or data received after the stated deadline will not be taken into account as part of the Consultation Procedure.

New charges proposal for period 2016-2019
Verona Airport announces that the consultation procedure for the new 2016-2019 airport charges is now closed.
According to the art. 5.1.3 of Model 2, the Company published on its website ( the final proposal according to the agreement reached with the Airport Users during the public hearing  on 25th July 2016, declaring  the consultation officially closed.

Person in charge for the Consultation Procedure
Alessia Muzi - Chief Financial Officer is the person in charge for the consultation procedure.
For any information and/or clarification send an email to