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          Vip services

          Exclusive services at Valerio Catullo Airport of Verona

          Make the most of your time with Catullo Business Way!

          If you travel for business, Verona airport offers you exclusive advantages designed to optimize waiting times, with special services and facilities.

          Privileged access to services

          We value your time

          If you travel for business, you can enjoy privileged treatment at the airport, for exceptionally quick and efficient service. Avoid long queues thanks to the designated check-in counter, and breeze through security thanks to the dedicated access lane.
          These exclusive services are available for all passengers holding business class tickets, for holders of the "For You" card of the Sistema del Garda Airports, and for frequent flyers with airlines operating at the Verona airport.

          Everything for your comfort

          Vip Lounge - Wait for your flight in comfort

          The VIP Lounge at the Verona airport is designed to ensure maximum comfort, transforming a short wait into a pleasant and relaxing break, or even valuable work time, even thanks to the free wireless internet connectivity. Snacks and drinks are available to all guests, while the lounge staff is at their disposal for anything else they may need.
          A comfortable and exclusive place, open to all business class passengers, frequent flyer card holders or anyone who purchases a VIP Lounge Admission Voucher.

          tel. 045 8095847

          tel. 045 8095724 - Booking Restaurant & Bar
          tel. 045 8095847 - Booking Catullo Lounge